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Motion Integrated Training System (MITS)

///Motion Integrated Training System (MITS)
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Motion Integrated Training System
Motion Integrated Training System
Motion Integrated Training System
Motion Integrated Training System

Integrated virtual motion platforms for naval, convoy and gunnery training

The Motion Platform System is a multipurpose simulator capable of training from one to ten military personnel simultaneously on individual basic and advanced small arms marksmanship and weapon handling skills, crew training, and collective (team) tactical training. The Motion Platform System consists of two major components – a FATS® virtual system and a Motion Platform Module that is available with large, mid-size and compact motion platforms. With additional modules, the simulator can replicate vessels, helicopters, and various wheeled vehicles. Available weapon simulators range from pistols to 20mm cannons. It is also possible to support vessel radar training, navigation training and vessel handling.

  • The Motion Integrated Training System (MITS) supports both individual and crew training for boat/vehicle handling and weapons training.
  • Individual and crew training is achieved by combining the features and benefits of a FATS® virtual system with a motion platform to provide greater realism and value in training.
  • Motion platforms systems simulate real world movement of both waterborne vessels and land-based vehicles.
  • MITS solutions are available in a variety of packages, from small single platform configurations to multi-platform configurations that are synchronized and offer command, control and communications functions for leadership and command training.
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