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FATS® 180MIL Virtual Training System

///FATS® 180MIL Virtual Training System
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Meggitt introduces the next generation of immersive training — the FATS® 180MIL.

The FATS® 180MIL delivers 180° high definition projection and 5.1 surround sound, increasing the realism of training as well as heightening awareness and proper use of force responses. Current FATS® 100 systems can be easily upgraded to the FATS® 180MIL.

The system includes three borderless screens and fits into almost any space with at least a 10’ tall ceiling. Each screen provides a 150” X 84” (16:9 aspect ratio) with borderless projection surface. In addition, the FATS 180MIL offers:

  • Military Validation – The FATS 180 MIL offers the same high-fidelity ballistic engine validated by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and other military customers.
    • This provides accurate ballistic characteristics in flight.
    • This capability supports and enforces the proper fundamentals of marksmanship.
  • Immersive Training – Supports both 3D Marksmanship and Judgmental training.
  • Courseware – Delivered with a full array of training courseware.
  • Hit Detection System – Three digital cameras interface directly with the same Off-CPU real-time (OCR) processor used by the FATS® 100 system for an easy upgrade path.
  • Projectors – Ultra short throw projectors provide the user greater freedom of movement within the training space while displaying stunning visuals in a 180°environment.
  • Low-Light Subsystem (optional) – Allows users to practice in simulated low-light conditions with both hand-held and weapon-mounted flashlights.
  • Rack – The FATS 180MIL uses the same transportable rack as the FATS 100 system.
  • Realistic Sounds – The self-powered audio system plays scenarios in 5.1 surround sound. Using the directional sound effects board, the instructor can incorporate unsettling sounds from any direction, including a barking dog, crying baby, gunshots and more to elevate situational awareness.

Supported Gun/Ammo Types

The FATS 180MIL supports up to 60 simulated weapons, including FATS weapons and ammunition types. Up to 4 simulated weapons can be assigned to a single user.

With the FATS 180 MIL, users will feel they are in the action, facing decision-making pressures while maintaining situational awareness.