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FATS® 180LE Virtual Training System

///FATS® 180LE Virtual Training System
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Meggitt introduces the next generation of immersive training — the FATS® 180LE.

The 180° high definition projection and 5.1 surround sound increases the realism of training, heightening awareness and proper use of force responses.

If you’re looking for true-to-life, comprehensive training, the FATS 180LE delivers. It offers such features as:

  • Three borderless 150” X 84” screens and projection surface for 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • A hit detection systems with three digital cameras that interface directly with the same FATS 100LE OCR.
  • Ultra-short throw projectors that display stunning visuals in an 180° environment, allowing for freedom of movement.
  • The same sturdy transportable rack used on the FATS 100 system.
  • An optional low-light subsystem to hone the use of hand-held and weapon-mounted flashlights.
  • 5.1 surround sound audio system with directional sound effects board so instructors can incorporate unsettling sounds from any direction to elevate situational awareness.

The FATS 180LE supports up to 20 simulated weapons, including FATS weapons and ammunition types. Up to 4 simulated weapons can be assigned to a single user. These include rifles, pistols, shotguns and less-lethal OC spray and TASER® (supported in Judgmental training only).

In addition to stellar true-to-life training, the FATS 180LE supports both 3D Marksmanship and Judgmental training.

While in Marksmanship mode, the system displays a vivid, realistic 3D indoor and outdoor range to engage close and distant targets for reactionary and/or precision shooting. The 3D targets include Qualification, Competition, Commercial and steel reactive targets, with the ability to turn, pop-up and move around.

In Judgmental mode, every screen projects high-definition imagery. As the scenario eye point moves, all screens reflect the motion for an amazing immersive experience. In Judgmental mode, realistic conflict situations and increased awareness are heightened for an effective training environment.

To learn more about the immersive FATS 180LE system and how it can improve your training, click here.

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