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FATS 100LE virtual system for simulation marksmanship and judgmental training

///FATS 100LE virtual system for simulation marksmanship and judgmental training
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police training simulator
police training simulator
police training simulator
police training simulator

FATS® 100LE firearms training simulator; FATS simulator

As the global leader of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training systems, Meggitt Training Systems created the world’s first virtual use-of-force training system for law enforcement in 1984, establishing our pioneering spirit. That innovation continues today with the introduction of the revolutionary FATS® 100LE, a ground breaking virtual training system featuring cutting-edge 3D marksmanship, enhanced diagnostics with intelligent automatic coaching, wireless tablet control and expanded weapons training capability.

FATS training simulator; scenario based firearms training

Meggitt Training Systems has invested millions of dollars in research and development to create the world’s best small arms training system for customers around the world. Used by the US Army’s EST II program and the US Marine Corps ISMT program, this landmark system is now available to law enforcement in the FATS 100LE. No one else in the virtual training industry has this type of technology, advancements and enhancements. Meggitt’s military-graded and approved training systems are now available for law enforcement training, and can be expanded to meet your department’s needs.

  • Enhanced 3D Marksmanship with multiple qualification Courses of fire pre-loaded on the system
  • Video Use of Force scenarios with branching capabilities pre-loaded on the system
  • System may be operated from the Instructor station or via a Tablet
  • Up to 20 weapons can be registered on one system
    – Meggitt’s patented wireless BlueFire weapons
    – Taser®, OC spray and flashlight
    – Tethered weapons
  • Up to 4 weapons can be assigned to each student
  • In marksmanship, up to three systems can be connected, supporting up to 48 weapons and 15 students
  • Unified User Interface (UUI)
    – Common look and feel across training modes
    – Dark color theme conducive to low-light conditions reducing eye strain
    – Common workflow across training modes
    – Weapon test functionality available within training modes
    – System Health integrated into UUI
    – Error and warning indicator visible to operator within any training mode
  • Import customer-specific training media (PDF, MS Word/ PowerPoint, .mpg, .wmv)
  • System utilization reports for data mining, including time spent in training mode, weapon type, etc.
  • Optional tablet training material content
    – Remotely operate Marksmanship as an instructor or operator
    – Allows the student to view in runtime, or AAR individual results and access auto coaching
    – Allows the instructor to operate the training materials, and auto coaching features
    – Only System Setup instructions remain on the tablet if it is removed from the system
    – Other materials streamed from system for data security
    – Materials can be viewed on the tablet and main screen(s) simultaneously
    – Accessible control from within the training application
  • 1080 projection system
  • On-site installation and system training is included
  • Photorealistic 3D terrain with a library of indoor and outdoor terrains
  • Perspective correct target rendering for each lane
  • An extensive library of LE Targets
  • Multiple Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun qualification courses are preloaded on the system
  • Enhanced 3D range qualification COF design tool
  • Ability to effect environmental conditions. rain, snow, wind, and temperature
  • Ability to change the time of day to facilitate dawn and dusk training
  • Low visibility Flashlight training mode (Optional)
  • True Weapon Ballistics per weapon type
  • Tablet modes include:
    – Operator Mode – controls all lanes
    – Instructor Mode – controls contiguous range of lanes (i.e. 1-5)
    – Trainee – functions as a Firing Point Computer
  • Link doctrinal documents and scorecard(s) to a course of fire
  • Automatic Coaching videos covering the basics of marksmanship fundamentals
  • Support for 1920 x 1080p HD scenarios
  • Extensive library included with Escalation of Force branching scenarios
  • Instructor controlled scenario branching
  • System can detect, Lethal, Nonlethal, near miss, and missed shots inclusive of branching
  • Less lethal Taser, and Chemical spray supported in the video training application
  • Near miss (inclusive of branching)
  • Branch tree displayed on UI – default branches identified
  • Branching feedback – which branches were executed and why
  • Judgmental UI integrated into UUI
  • AAR Pause on shot (as opposed to hit)
    – Configurable for pause time
  • Instructor can enter comments about the trainee’s performance during training
  • Ability to add a scenario playlist
  • Flashlight functionality
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