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Lanes marksmanship and judgmental video simulation courseware including active shooter training

Courseware is an important component of our law enforcement simulation training systems and is provided in marksmanship and judgmental training video formats. Standard packages are provided with law enforcement training system. For a user-specific customized solution, Meggitt Training Systems staff of subject matter experts (SMEs) work with the client to develop virtual training that fits their.

Marksmanship lanes courseware

Lanes courseware supports traditional range courses used for marksmanship training. Embedded lanes authoring capability enables customer subject matter experts to create unique firearms qualification courses through the selection of various range backgrounds and targets. The customer can also import image files of new targets and backgrounds to be used in virtual firearms training courses.

Video courseware

With over 250 scenarios vast library of video courseware supports judgmental training systems where it is important for law enforcement to analyze a situation and potential threat, and respond accordingly. In our use of force simulators, officers’ responses can range from verbal commands, less lethal engagement using optional chemical spray devices and Taser® simulators, and/or lethal engagement using firearms. For each segment of the video scenario, the instructor is presented with a list of possible outcomes, or branching options to tailor the scenario outcome based on training objectives or adjusting to differing trainee responses. An integrated video authoring station enables instructors to create new scenarios to support specific training objectives.

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