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Tazer X26 bluefire.

Meggitt Training Systems provides easy to use virtual training on marksmanship and judgmental scenarios for law enforcement around the world. The FATS® 100LE allow more realistic training and aid in officer reaction time, muscle memory and the simultaneous use of a weapon and other accessories. These optional features include:

Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS)

Meggitt Training Systems Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS) makes judgmental, use of force, and firearms training as realistic as possible, short of employing live opponents. This optional simulator increases training realism by discharging projectiles at trainees to stress the importance of cover and concealment. When the launcher discharges the projectiles, students immediately know they are “under fire”, thus increasing their stress level. With the HFS as a valuable training tool, instructors will maintain a better assessment of each student’s performance.

  • Connections are simple, promoting quick system setup
  • Monochrome camera and monitor require no setup, with system operation via a commercial joystick
  • Low light camera is mounted on HFS cannon for aiming accuracy
  • Full motion, 180° elevation control offers wide coverage for maximum freedom of movement
  • System can fire three different 60 or 68 cal soft foam projectiles, including soft foam, medium foam, and hard nylon
  • Single shot, three-round burst, and fully auto firing modes are all supported
  • Simulator works both with FATS® simulators and other third-party systems

Taser® X26

Meggitt’s BlueFire® Taser® X26 provides accurate displays of impact locations on the training screen, while allowing full functionality of the laser designators. Built-in sensors determine actual Taser® X26 canting and trigger squeeze. Actual safety features such as Taser® shutdown with safety actuation during simulated discharge, and cartridge detection and discharge sensing, provide more realistic weapon training. The Taser® X26 uses advanced features of Meggitt’s BlueFire® weapon systems and integration, including wireless pistols and rifle simulators.


The flashlight option provides increased training value by simulating night training or training in dark areas where a flashlight is required. This allows any video scenario to become a “night scenario” without the time, labor and expense of re-filming the scenario. With the flashlight option, trainees gain experience in managing a firearm and flashlight simultaneously. Multiple flashlights can be used concurrently when training in groups.

  • The flashlight works with all video scenarios
  • Includes a flashlight camera, flashlight IR filter, and video keyer
  • Additional filter options available for weapon-mounted flashlights
  • Flashlight can be used in any position—standing, kneeling, prone—or any other position required by the user

Chemical Spray

Meggitt’s BlueFire® chemical spray has the same appearance, feel, and function as its live spray counterpart. A laser device installed in the spray canister fires an invisible laser light pulse that shows the simulation system where the spray has been aimed. This allows for accurate, traceable after-action review by the instructor to gauge the trainee’s performance. The spray requires minimal maintenance and comes with a long-life battery for sustained, continual use in training scenarios.

Dvorak weapon inserts

The Dvorak weapon insert system is a drop-in, air-activated recoil system for semi-automatic and automatic firearms. The system allows you to temporarily modify your personal live firearm to function as a laser pulse simulator (note that Dvorak kits do not provide training feedback as with BlueFire or tethered weapon simulators). It utilizes compressed gas or training CO2 to simulate recoil by acting on the gun’s bolt or slide to “cycle” the gun. An integrated laser device is incorporated and is used with the simulator. Each “shot” is initiated by the strike of the unmodified hammer, producing both recoil and a laser pulse.

Dvorak kits are available in two models: the Air Recoil System (ARS) and the Tetherless Recoil System (TRS).

  • The TRS uses a self-contained gas supply (shown in the photo above). The system uses standard disposable 12g CO2 cartridges.
  • The ARS kits use an external gas supply, typically worn on the belt. The weapon is connected to the gas bottle using a small, thin hose.

Dvorak kits differ from standard simulator weapons in that they provide recoil, but are not electronically connected to the system. Dvorak weapons will recoil as long as the gas supply lasts. They will not lock back the bolt/slide when the weapon would normally be out of ammo. Dvorak weapons cannot be jammed and do not have sensors to allow the instructor to determine the current status of the weapon. Dvorak kits are not recommended for high-usage training environments. Using these kits results in wear and tear on a live weapon whereas standard simulator weapons have been specifically designed and engineered for a long life as a training weapon.

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