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For over 30+ years FATS® virtual weapons trainers have provided real-world situations to prepare for real-world experiences.

In 1984, FATS® was the first company in the world to produce interactive firearms training simulators for law enforcement and military markets. Fast forward to today and Meggitt Training Systems’ FATS line of products continue to grow and innovate the virtual training market. Our revolutionary FATS 100MIL brings the most advanced small arms training technology to global defense forces. The FATS 100P provides portable simulation training that’s easy to transport, set up and operate. The new FATS 300 immersive training system delivers state-of-the art, 300° 5-screen technology for marksmanship, judgmental and collective instruction. And coming soon, the FATS 180 will offer the same high-quality immersive training as the FATS 300, but in a smaller footprint.

This technology pays lifesaving dividends, helping military personnel and law enforcement officers remain composed and responsive in the most stressful situations. This attributable, measurable training provides definitive conditioning and readiness prior to facing hostile conditions.

Our Firearms Training System (FATS®) line of virtual products support multiple, simultaneous training modes with easy integration of hardware and software products. FATS military simulation trainers are the system of record for the US Army, US Marine Corps (USMC), United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UKMOD), US National Guard, US Air Force (USAF), Australian Defence Force, Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Singapore Army and the Singapore Police Coast Guard.

FATS was the first company to introduce the patented wireless BlueFire® weapon simulators, utilizing wireless technology to communicate with the system hardware while maintaining accurate weight, balance, recoil and real-time diagnostics. Meggitt has over 300 BlueFire weapon variations in use today, ensuring realistic weapon usage for combat situations.

Our FATS virtual law enforcement systems provide both marksmanship and judgmental training modes for multi-tiered instruction. Law enforcement, police, paramilitary and security forces around the world depend on Meggitt for realistic training systems. We offer less lethal options, de-escalation of force, proper interaction and verbal commands, and a huge library of video scenarios that branch – all to hone your muscle memory and ready officers for threatening situations. At Meggitt Training Systems, we know law enforcement simulation. We invented it.

No one else in the virtual small arms training industry can match the innovation, impressive scope of product offerings or intelligent systems training.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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