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Range control systems

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Field range equipment control systems

Meggitt Training Systems believes that military field range operation should never be inhibited by shortcomings in the control system. It is for this reason that a number of options are available for legacy as well as current and future outdoor and indoor ranges.

Range Control System (RCS)

Meggitt’s Range Control System (RCS) is a user-friendly computer command system. Providing simple target instructions selected from drop-down menus or keyboard commands, the RCS affords the operator a high level of situational awareness. The RCS’ main window displays a graphical representation of up to 500 targets specific to the range layout using different symbols to depict each target type. Target status is conveyed in real time by the color of the target symbol, with device status messages displayed in a ribbon at the bottom of the screen.

Providing complete support for both manual and automatic control of the firing range, RCS programs automate complex or repetitive range and target control operations in time or event-driven scenarios. Commands can be simple, such as executing basic positioning and timed expose and conceal functions; or complex, including the employment of subroutines, jumps, cyclical execution and stepped execution. In addition, sections of programs can be skipped, repeated, or executed individually to provide customized training solutions to fit the operator’s requirements.

Single or Group Targets

Meggitt’s RCS can designate up to 100 individual targets to become part of a group, acting individually or as a collective unit. The target actuators retain individual addresses so they can act individually or in concert with the group. Individual target attributes including hit sensitivity, hits to kill, hit reaction, hit-fall, hit-hold or hit-bob, all set via the RCS. Utilizing state-of-the-art range control via Windows® based software, the RCS commands and controls all aspects of the system, including effects simulators.

Hit Recording

Remotely set from the RCS, Meggitt’s target systems are equipped with impact hit sensors attached to the target holder. The heightened responsiveness of the sensor allows consistency based on the ammunition being fired and mode of fire (single or burst). The RCS provides data collection and storage from the hit detection system for range personnel, allowing development of After Action Reviews (AAR). This real-time data allows range operators to make adjustments and correct the performance of their users, enhancing and improving the overall training experience. The data collected for each firing exercise is immediately available and can be transferred to an AAR computer.

Simulation Devices

Battlefield effect simulators and target operations may be synchronized by the RCS, including the Armor Target Kill Simulator (ATKS); Muzzle Flash Simulator (MFS); Rifle Fire Simulator (RFS); Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS); Battlefield Effects Simulator (BES); Sound Effects Simulators (SES); and MILES Shoot-Back Device (MSD).

Ruggedized Laptop

The Rugged Portable Laptop provides lightweight, convenient control of range operation, independent of a Range Control Computer (RCC) located inside a range control facility. The laptop converts from a powerful notebook PC with a backlit keyboard to a convenient tablet PC with one quick swivel of the monitor. The touchscreen display can be used in direct sunlight and communicates wirelessly to the individual range targets.

Software Design

Utilizing the latest industry technologies, Microsoft C# programming language and Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF), the system is a user friendly UI that runs on static, mobile and handheld platforms. WPF technology is easily adapted across a variety of screen sizes, accommodating both desktop and handheld systems. Software has been fielded on multi-screen desktops, laptops and tablet PCs, with prominent icons to help the operator identify the target and range status.

Touchscreen Range Control System (TRCS)

Meggitt Training Systems is the first company to provide touchscreen range control systems to meet the needs of defense forces around the world. The Touchscreen Range Control System (TRCS) is designed around Meggitt’s RangeMaster™ 9000 range control software to meet the increasing requirements for entry level operators to conduct live fire range exercises. Easy to activate with simple instructions, a user can push a button and the system is operational. The Touchscreen Range Control System is especially beneficial on small arms qualification ranges with fixed small arms standards.

The TRCS comes with pre-loaded scenarios, specific to the qualification range type. Simplified screen displays provide only the most important controls, greatly reducing the chance for operator error and the need for trained personnel to conduct live fire qualification. Critical functions such as loading and running scenarios, pausing and emergency stops are a few of the controls available to the operator. The TRCS provides additional security to important range exercises. Full windows functionality is only available thru the password protected Administrator account and requires a keyboard and mouse. Additional features include:

  • Resistive or Capacitive Touch available
  • Wide-format Design with Integrated Speakers
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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