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Mobile ranges & shoot house

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RoadRange mobile range
road range
shoot house
shoot house

More than a shoot house – an integrated tactical training facility

As urban environments grow increasingly volatile, the need for realistic combat training is growing ever more necessary. Soldiers require a realistic training tool for close quarter battle (CQB) and MOUT operations. The Meggitt SHOTT™ house teaches critical skills including forced entry, room navigation and clearing, team tactics and judgmental shoot/don’t shoot engagements.

The Meggitt SHOTT house is a comprehensive package that delivers key training elements:

  • 360° ballistically secure shoot house in fixed or modular configurations
  • Live-fire target systems
  • Virtual simulation
  • After action review

The SHOTT House incorporates a unique ballistic containment system with 5″ thick walls that incorporates 2″ thick ballistic rubber over 1/2″ AR500 rated steel panels. This unique design eliminates ricochet, splatter, bounce back and dust creating a cleaner and safer shooting environment. Lead dust and bullet fragments are captured within the walls and can be removed via a patented bullet management system. Every wall has a removable lower panel for bullet fragment clean out. No lead bulge or build up in the wall. No need to set up “block hot walls” for higher impact areas – the entire wall is a high impact shooting area.

Road Range™ mobile indoor range system

Military agencies are turning to the Road Range for a flexible alternative to traditional firearms training options. The Road Range is a self-contained mobile firearms training facility that integrates live fire and simulated training capabilities to provide a total weapons training solution in a mobile environment.

The ballistically secure trailer range is equipped with systems and components to produce a three position, state-of-the-art, live fire range. The Road Range can also be equipped with a FATS® virtual training system to provide training for less lethal and non lethal options such as verbal commands, baton, chemical spray and TASER®.

The Road Range puts you on the fast track to obtain a specialized training facility that provides a comprehensive solution for marksmanship, sustainment, and judgmental training including force escalation/de-escalation, use of force, and shoot/no shoot.

  • Can be equipped for live fire and simulated firearms training.
  • Road Range Double and Quad models provide 25-yard target distance.
  • Climate-controlled heating and air-conditioning for year-round comfort.
  • HEPA filtered ventilation system meets NIOSH design standards.
  • Provides a cost-effective and timely solution for acquiring a training facility.
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