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Infantry range targets

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Stationary infantry target
Moving infantry target
Stationary infantry target
Stationary infantry target

Modular, mobile and stationary infantry range targets

Meggitt Training Systems is a world leader in military infantry target equipment, including static and dynamic infantry range targets. Our deployable infantry range targets can be installed on unimproved terrain, in a matter of minutes, with no special equipment required. These systems provide the full gamut of range training capability and flexibility.

With more than 75,000 infantry target systems successfully fielded on 122 military bases around the world, Meggitt Training Systems infantry target systems are proven to be reliable and flexible to support both skills qualifications training events and more complex unit collective training events. Whether on the MPMG range at Fort Carson or the 7th US Army’s MRF range in Germany, Meggitt Training Systems infantry targets adapt to different range environments, infrastructures, and operational constraints.

Multi-Function (MF-SIT) and Stationary Infantry Targets (SIT)

The Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target (MF-SIT) exposes and conceals a Figure 11, 12, US Army standard E, F or 3-D target. Quick connect hardware allows the target head to be easily interchanged to accommodate various target presentations including pop-up target movement, swing-out, slice/slash/scissor, vertically rise and pop-up turning/judgmental target actions.

The MF-SIT has the unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend or foe target. Target movements are precise, dynamic and respond quickly to commands of expose, conceal, slice, and turn in any combination. In addition, the MF-SIT will rotate a regulation infantry target through 360 degrees at multiple angles. It can respond to hits, automatic triggers activated by soldier movements, or a pre-programmed scenario, ensuring that the trainees do not anticipate target actions, providing a realistic environment for MOUT and specialized training. To enhance realism, the MF-SIT will initiate simulators such as muzzle flash, sound effects, and MILES® Laser Target Interface (LTID) and is capable of powering and controlling thermal targets/heat pads.

The Stationary Infantry Target (SIT) offers the same training value and options as the MF-SIT, but in a fixed (static) target head configuration. Both target systems are operated through radio frequency, hardwire, or Ethernet controls which allows great flexibility in range design and usage.

Moving Infantry Targets (MIT)

The Moving Infantry Target (MIT) is a cable-driven rail system that travels between attack and retreat positions at varying speeds. The MIT travels at three distinct speeds that replicate an individual walking (4-6kph), jogging (8-10kph), and running (12-14kph) on flat terrain.

All of the standard target commands such as expose, conceal, hit fall, hit hold, hit bob, and selectable number of hits to kill are performed by the MIT. The target actuator is equipped with a highly accurate hit sensor that detects, responds to, and reports hits. All motor and target control commands pass through a bunker box mounted within the MIT emplacement.

An infantry target, either an MF-SIT or SIT, is mounted to the carrier. The elevated two-rail track system, available from 15 to 100 meters in length, is easily assembled with ordinary hand tools, making it ideal for deployment. The stanchion track supports can be placed directly on the ground or anchored to concrete pads for a more permanent installation.

Extremely reliable and rugged, Meggitt Training Systems’ infantry range targets perform in the harshest climates and do not contain hydraulic fluids, contaminants, or hazardous toxins capable of being released into the environment.

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