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Indoor and outdoor range solutions

///Indoor and outdoor range solutions
Indoor and outdoor range solutions 2020-03-24T21:59:49+00:00

Indoor and outdoor range training equipment for real-world survivability

Military weapons training is about more than sending rounds down range. It’s about perceiving realistic threats such as moving targets, friend/foe discrimination, decision making skills, cover and concealment, and low-light situations. These types of tactical training engagements are critical to survivability in theater. We believe in providing indoor and outdoor range target systems that meet these needs while allowing you to train at any time, under any condition.

XWT – next generation indoor and outdoor target retrieval systems

Meggitt Training Systems brought the first wireless target carrier to the indoor range, and expands your training value to the outdoor range as well. Both the indoor and outdoor XWT configurations feature an internal DC motor drive system eliminating the need to replace frayed cables and continually adjust tension of cables and pulleys found on traditional target retrievers. The XWT is operated via wireless communication through a user-friendly, touch-screen controller. The rail system utilizes one-piece construction cold roll-formed steel track for increased durability, reduced maintenance and smoother operation.

  • 360º target head rotation exposes right or left face in less than ½ of a second
  • Protected light fixture provides 100 lumens (max.) of adjustable light with the ability to simulate muzzle flash for low-light training
  • Additional configurations available such as variable speed operation and extended arm
  • Outdoor XWT is suitable in environments where extreme weather conditions are present (i.e. humidity, sand/dust, salt fog, etc.)

Classic target retrieval systems

Our Models CEE and CEB target carriers offer the stability of a track system and the simplicity of a non-turning target carrier in an economical design. These fixed speed, electrically powered trolley wire target systems are operated manually via a forward-stop-return control switch located at the firing line.

Target systems

Meggitt Training Systems offers a number of target options to support your range training objectives. From basic firearms qualifications courses to tactical training scenarios, it is necessary to have reliable target systems down range. Whether outfitting indoor ranges or large outdoor complexes, the diversity of our target systems ensures your training requirements will be met:

  • Pop-up turning target with hit sensing adds a new element to tactical scenarios with its unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend or foe target.
  • Tandem turning targets operate on a single drive unit and expose and conceal precisely in-unison.
  • Electro-mechanical and pneumatic pop-up and turning target systems operate individually, in unison, or sequentially, playing an essential part in tactical training.
  • Turning targets with hit sensing, capable of rotating a target up to 360 degrees, providing a realistic environment for specialized training.
  • Running man targets with single or dual targets for engaging moving targets.
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