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Entry control point moving target (ECPMT)

///Entry control point moving target (ECPMT)
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Checkpoint breach and tactical mobile truck target

The Entry Control Point Moving Target (ECPMT) replicates conditions soldiers face in actual entry point control situations, such as security checkpoints. Shooters face a moving target on a serpentine track, designed to replicate a vehicle approaching and negotiating Jersey barriers. The target can move at speeds up to 32 kph (20 mph) in the approach and 15 kph (9 mph) while negotiating the barriers, making for a challenging engagement.

The mover detects hits upon the grill area, driver, and passenger. If the driver or grill area is hit, the vehicle comes to a stop. Additionally, if equipped, a grill area hit will also trigger the onboard Omega-60/B2 Battle Effects Simulator (BES).

The ECPMT is designed to work stand-alone or integrated into an existing MTS range and to be fired upon with ammunition up to .50 Caliber.

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