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Military Armor targets

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FATS training simulator; scenario based firearms training
Moving armor target
Stationary armor target
Moving armor target

Mobile and stationary field armor targets

The Stationary Armor Target (SAT) and Moving Armor Target (MAT) simulate a tank or other vehicle for live fire training and qualification programs. These field range target systems support tactical exercises in detecting, identifying and firing upon stationary and moving tank targets under simulated combat conditions.

Meggitt Training Systems’ armor target systems are designed and constructed to withstand the rigors and abuse of training in near-combat conditions under all weather conditions. Mechanisms and simulators are built with steel enclosures, connectors are military grade, and electronics are securely mounted within the target actuator unit. With more than 75,000 live fire target systems successfully fielded on 122 military bases around the world, Meggitt Training Systems armor target systems are field-proven to be reliable and adaptable to all climates and environmental conditions.

Capable of evasive movement, the MAT can change speed or travel direction, and raise or lower a full scale T-72 flank target while stopped or in transport at any point on the course. MATS support Tank Gunnery Table 8 and 12 and include two deployable systems that are in compliance with the ATS specification.

Our armor training systems include two models of SATs. One model is capable of lifting a full-size T-72 frontal target and the other has the capacity to lift a full-scale flank target. Both SAT models are available in DC or AC power options and have three communication options including Ethernet, radio (RF) or hardwire (HW).

Our MAT and SAT systems interface and synchronize with the Armor Target Kill Simulator/Gun Fire Simulator (ATKS/GUFS) device and MILES Laser Target Interface Device (LTID).

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