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Live Fire Screen

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The Live Fire Screen

Meggitt Training Systems’ new live fire screen lets you train on the FATS® 100LE or 100MIL virtual training system in a live fire range using live weapons. The live fire screen integrates directly into the FATS 100LE or 100MIL with the same software and courseware (16:9 aspect ratio) used with Meggitt’s patented BlueFire® wireless weapons. This highly advanced technology allows you a variety of training features:

Lightweight System

The live fire screen system includes a sensing bar, rubber screen and deflector assemblies. The sensing bar cameras interface directly with the FATS systems.

Hit Detection Technology

The live fire screen’s technology determines the position of a hit, allowing a much shorter time between shots. Meggitt’s live fire screen can quantify the delivery of two successive shots faster than any other screen in the industry. Our microphone (sonic) based systems require approximately 50ms (due to the slower speed of sound compared to speed of light), while thermal based systems require more than 500ms. Hit location accuracy is +/-0.5” across the entire screen, with extreme accuracy in the center.

Supported Gun/Ammo Types

The screen can be used with a variety of live fire weapons, from revolvers to sub-machine guns. Qualified ammunition includes:

  • NATO 9mm (9×19 parabellum)
  • NATO 5.56mm (5.56×45)
  • 7.62mm (7.62×39)
  • Since the live fire screen is comprised of self-sealing rubber, only ammunition with a solid rounded or pointed ogive can be used.Hollow point, wad cutters and special tipped ammunition cannot be used, as they will damage the self-sealing screen material.

Screen Size

The standard projected screen surface is 118.1” (3m) x 66.4” (1.68m), allowing it to easily fit across two adjacent firing lanes. Screen sizes can also be customized to fit the needs of your range.

Screen Durability

While screen integrity is important to display a better picture for the trainee, the screen is not required to detect projectiles passing through. The system’s technology provides accurate placement of target hits. The self-healing screen is designed to withstand up to 50,000 rounds shots (+/-920 shots/sq. ft.) over the entire surface area before replacement of the screen is necessary.

Ballistic Protection

The sensing bar mounts above the ceiling baffles at the range, removing the need for additional ballistic protection.
Since the screen does not have a traditional frame, it doesn’t require side ballistic protection. Instead, the bullets just pass through the screen. The plastic backer will not break, shatter, or splinter when hit. Only the deflector assembly requires ballistic protection, including the lower anchor points for the screen mounted on the floor. The live fire screen must be used with a bullet stop/trap within local live fire regulations.

Screen Portability

The live fire screen can easily pass through facility doors since it doesn’t need a full frame and ballistic protection. With the sensing bar and projector installed above the ceiling baffles and the deflector assembly installed on the floor, reconfiguration takes less than 15 minutes for 2 people. Simply hang the rubber screens and calibrate the hit detection system to the projected image.