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Shooting stalls

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SafeZone™ shooting stalls

Indoor shooting ranges use shooting stalls to organize the firing line into defined shooting positions and provide protection from adjacent shooters by minimizing side-blast interference and the hazard of misdirected shots. The shooting stalls provide a location for mounting individual shooter controls for target systems, complementary range systems and controls.

Deeper than previous stalls (measuring 48” deep), Meggitt’s new SafeZone™ shooting stalls are L3 pistol rated and/or L8 rifle rated and completely interchangeable. The stalls are fully customizable and can be arranged to create clear stalls, solid stalls, or a mixture of both. Wholly reconfigurable and backward compatible, SafeZone shooting stalls can even be set up in the same location as existing stalls. Other standard features include a brass casing shield, swing down shooter’s shelf with recessed tray area, acoustical blast shield and a stall interior site light for more pronounced illumination.

A variety of stall options is available, including an assortment of solid panel and frame colors. Glass panels may be upgraded to include glass edge or multicolor LED lighting, and wing and full gate barricades can be added to enhance tactical training. Users may want to include an Aiphone® audio or visual communication system for full stall contact and interaction with the master control. A red/blue light option allows realistic law enforcement training, while the stall’s side shelf with accessory hooks provides additional storage for bulky or cumbersome items.

Create your own unique statement with the Meggitt SafeZone shooting stall. Personalizing your range, while keeping your shooters safe, has never been so attractive.