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Ballistic ceiling baffles and acoustics

///Ballistic ceiling baffles and acoustics
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Indoor gun range safety and protection

When designing a gun range, you should always have the best range management practices in mind. In order to have the best shooting range design, you need to ensure projectiles fired within an indoor range are safely contained within the boundaries of the range. Meggitt Training Systems designs ballistic baffles and guards to contain misdirected shots within the range and maintain ballistic integrity. They serve to protect against the injury of people and property damage, minimize ricochet threats, and to contain or redirect bullets to a safe path of travel by closing off the paths that may allow shots to escape. Each device has its own particular function in a range and its placement and design must be engineered specifically to the range. Meggitt Training Systems can recommend structural considerations that will meet your range requirements, enhance ballistic integrity and improve noise attenuation.

The best gun range designs always address two primary noise considerations in a shooting range: the sound level within, and noise transmission outside of the range. The sound produced by gunfire is deafening outdoors, but when the acoustical energy it produces is confined to an indoor space as in a firing range, it gets even louder. Acoustical treatment of exposed walls, overhead baffles, safety ceilings, shooting stalls, and the range floor changes the surfaces from reflective to absorptive and significantly reduces the noise level in the range. Meggitt Training Systems acoustical applications are specifically designed to absorb the loud reverberation of indoor gunfire, decrease the sound level within the range, and reduce noise transmission outside of the range.

The Standard Rubber Paver (SRP) floor covering provides ballistic protection from errant rounds striking concrete floors. A bullet striking concrete will normally produce backsplatter and may be dangerously redirected to the shooting area. A round hitting the SRP flooring will be stopped and contained inside the rubber material.

Treating the floor with SRP provides other benefits as well. The pavers help reduce noise transmission in the range as they are shock and noise absorbent. The SRP panels will not deteriorate, can be used in either indoor or outdoor locations and are slip resistant.

SRP panels come in various sizes and thicknesses and are installed by simply laying them down on top of the existing concrete floor. The panels are lightweight and can be easily picked up and relocated if desired.

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