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Our history – FATS®

///Our history – FATS®
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Firearms Training Systems (FATS®) was established in Atlanta, Georgia by 1979 Formula One World Champion Jody Scheckter. FATS was the first company in the world to produce interactive firearms training simulators for law enforcement and military markets.


FATS produces the world’s first stand-alone weapon that interacts with a video scenario. FATS delivers the first virtual training system to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.


FATS enables military squads to train in tactical mode with Squad Engagement Training System (SETS) video, in addition to marksmanship training. FATS II generation with video branching is introduced. This allows multiple outcomes of a scenario based on the trainees’ actions.


FATS introduces the first virtual night-vision training, allowing trainees to use night-vision devices without modification to engage scenarios on the simulator.


FATS makes first system delivery to U.S. Marine Corps. FATS is the first company to deliver the MK-19 simulator.


FATS introduces live-fire video.


FATS develops the world’s first simulated trace mode, a program where weapon movement throughout a scenario is tracked and reviewed during the replay of the scenario.


FATS III generation introduces the world’s first simulated lanes marksmanship. The system allows multiple students to train in the marksmanship mode and provides complete after-action review of their performance. U.K. Ministry of Defense becomes a FATS customer.


FATS introduces the world’s first Indirect Fire Trainer™ (IFT), allowing students to train on calling for and adjusting fire on a simulator. FATS introduces the world’s first indoor simulated mortar.


FATS is listed on NASDAQ.


FATS IV generation introduces 3D CGI environments, digital video scenarios and integrated motion platforms, providing motion for shipboard and vehicle training.


FATS delivers Motion Integrated Training System to the Singapore Coast Guard.FATS introduces MPEG digital video for multiple branching within one scenario. Fortune Magazine lists FATS as “A Company to Watch.”


FATS introduces 3D sound and graphics for realistic training and movement on geo-specific terrain.


FATS earns HLA compliance.
FATS delivers the world’s first Indirect Fire-Forward Air Control (I-FACT™) trainer and world’s first indoor simulator to train Forward Air Controllers (FACs), providing integrated direct/indirect fire capability and close air support.


FATS becomes ISO 9000 certified.


FATS partners with Lockheed Martin to develop and introduce the Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer.FATS introduces BlueFire®, the world’s first  weapon simulator using wireless technology.The FATS L7 is introduced. The latest virtual training system for law enforcement.


Meggitt PLC acquires FATS. It merges FATS and Caswell International to form Meggitt Training Systems (MTSI).


MTSI delivers the second generation of maritime gunnery trainers to Singapore.


MTSI introduces the FATS M100, an open-architecture system for military virtual training, employing multiple simulation and training modes using the flexible architecture, which integrates third-party simulation, training and gaming products.


MTSI wins U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corp small-arms training contracts.


MTSI introduces the FATS 100e, (renamed FATS 100MIL in 2017), featuring 3D marksmanship, automatic coaching with wireless tablet control and virtual after-action review, allowing shot assessment with correct target perspectives and detailed diagnostics for skill reinforcement and correction.