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September 2019 Law Enforcement Newsletter

///September 2019 Law Enforcement Newsletter
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Today’s training requirements demand new technologies for outdoor ranges.

Police departments located away from major urban centers confront a training dilemma: Officers must be ready for all the difficult challenges their metropolitan counterparts face: from use-of-force judgments to active shooters. Yet cost constraints often limit their installation of new technologies associated with the latest indoor ranges.

With Meggitt Training Systems targets, bullet traps and turnkey gun range design and installation service, your department can meet today’s challenging live-fire training requirements without having to build a costly indoor facility. Instead, you can take advantage of current available land to help officers prepare for active shooters and use-of-force decisions, as well as hone marksmanship skills.

Changing outdoor target systems: Going from static to dynamic realism. Officer training ideally approximates actual field conditions as much as possible. After all, most situations are dynamic, involving split-second timing and unexpected occurrences. Officers must respond to unanticipated dangers with adept physical and mental skills. For them to do so, the outdoor range must provide targets that capture human movement in its variety and unpredictability. Stationary targets, while necessary for marksmanship qualification, simply cannot provide that kind of realism. The targets discussed here represent some of the options that Meggitt can deploy in an outdoor live-fire range to enhance training.

The Outdoor XWT: The next-generation wireless weather-resistant target retrieval system.

Meggitt Training Systems pioneered the first XWT wireless target carrier and expanded its fast-moving action to the outdoor range. Now in its fourth generation, the XWT provides the motion trainees need: The 360° target head rotation can expose right or left face in less than one-half of a second. The target can also advance or retreat at 10 feet per second. All of this is wirelessly operated through a user-friendly, touch-screen controller.

Proven on military ranges around the world, the Outdoor XWT is ideal for staying power and simplified care. Configurations feature an internal DC motor drive system eliminating the need to replace frayed cables and continually adjust tension of cables and pulleys found on traditional target retrievers. The rail system uses one-piece construction, cold roll-formed steel track for increased durability, reduced maintenance and smoother operation. The Outdoor XWT is further hardened for environments where extreme weather conditions are present, such as humidity, sand and dust, salt and fog.

The Model AA2 Single Turning Target System: Preparing for the unpredictable.

How can range training help an officer get ready for the unexpected movements of a suspect? The AA2 improves live-fire training through unpredictable, fast-action target presentation to the shooter. You can easily program the AA2 to maneuver the target holder randomly to the left, right or in 90° increments up to 360°. The system may also present a complete, unexpected turn at the direction of a predetermined scenario.

By rotating the target up to 360° in random directions, you can ensure that trainees cannot anticipate the target action. You thus provide a realistic environment for specialized training. In addition, the highly accurate hit sensor detects, responds and reports hits, and responds to the received hit sensor signal, making it suitable for any training scenario. The system also provides a myriad of range scenario opportunities. As with all Meggitt outdoor range equipment, the AA2 is hardened to withstand harsh environments.

The Running Man and other targets: Duplicating diverse, tough scenarios.

The more comprehensive your live-fire training, the more flexibly your officers can respond when the call arises. For example, our Running Man targets enable pursuit after one or two “suspects.” Our pop-up turning target with hit sensing adds a new element to tactical scenarios with its unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend or foe target. Tandem turning targets operate on a single drive unit and expose and conceal precisely in unison.

A better approach to ballistic containment: GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap.

Meggitt’s GranTrap™ represents an unprecedented design technology for bullet capture and containment. The patented stair-step design uses granulate rubber material (GranTex™ media) to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media and is captured predominately intact, minimizing airborne lead dust, averting backsplatter and ricochet while minimizing impact noise. This design provides a cleaner and safer environment for shooting ranges, maximizing bullet recovery and the recycling processes.

The LE7512 GranTrap model is especially geared to the wide-open spaces of an outdoor range. For instance, a 12-foot-tall version is available for longer distances. It captures up to 3600 ft-lbs of energy, excluding incendiary and tracer type of rounds. Designed with rubber-faced upper vertical replenishment bins, it can maintain consistent GranTex media depths. It incorporates gum rubber covers atop the GranTex media for cleanliness and containment.

All GranTraps are available for outdoor applications and engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions by using non-corrosive materials. Outdoor versions use hot-dipped galvanized steel components and custom designed structural frames, which shed water and condensation for long term durability.

Turnkey Range design, consultation installation and service.

We realize that your outdoor range has unique topographic and environmental factors. Meggitt Training Systems draws on our 90+ year history and comprehensive knowledge of live-fire ranges to provide an end-to-end range that meets all your training requirements. For the first time, you can trust your live-fire ranges to one company. If you would like an all-new range, our Turnkey Range Solutions service can design, equip and provide training for your best-in-class live-fire range, on time and within budget, meeting your training requirements.

Or we can upgrade and retrofit with the newest advances in realistic targetry, ballistic containment, environmental considerations and more. Either way, you have one contract, one vendor and one point of contact. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Meggitt professionals streamline the process, making it easier and more efficient to complete the project and meet your goals.

For more information on outdoor gun ranges, contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.


Virtual training with less-lethal accessories.

Meggitt Training Systems provides easy to use virtual training on marksmanship and judgmental scenarios for law enforcement around the world. The FATS® 100LE and FATS 100P allow realistic training and aid in officer reaction time, muscle memory and the simultaneous use of a weapon and other accessories. These accessories add another valuable layer to your training, requiring officers to learn to use less-lethal equipment while simultaneously dealing with a suspect. These accessories include:

Taser® X26

Meggitt’s BlueFire® Taser® X26 provides accurate displays of impact locations on the training screen, while allowing full functionality of the laser designators. Built-in sensors determine actual Taser X26 canting and trigger squeeze. Actual safety features such as Taser shutdown with safety actuation during simulated discharge, and cartridge detection and discharge sensing, provide more realistic weapon training. The Taser X26 uses advanced features of Meggitt’s BlueFire weapon systems and integration, including wireless pistols and rifle simulators.


The flashlight option provides increased training value by simulating night training or training in dark areas where a flashlight is required. This allows any video scenario to become a “night scenario” without the time, labor and expense of re-filming the scenario. With the flashlight option, trainees gain experience in managing a firearm and flashlight simultaneously. Multiple flashlights can be used concurrently when training in groups.

  • The flashlight works with all video scenarios
  • Includes a flashlight camera, flashlight IR filter and video keyer
  • Additional filter options available for weapon-mounted flashlights
  • Flashlight can be used in any position—standing, kneeling, prone—or any other position required by the user

Chemical Spray

Meggitt’s BlueFire chemical spray has the same appearance, feel, and function as its live spray counterpart. A laser device installed in the spray canister fires an invisible laser light pulse that shows the system where the spray has been aimed. This allows for accurate, traceable after-action review by the instructor to gauge the trainee’s performance. The spray requires minimal maintenance and comes with a long-life battery for sustained, continual use in training scenarios.

Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS)

The Hostile Fire Simulator (HFS) makes judgmental, use of force, and firearms training as realistic as possible, short of employing live opponents. The HFS increases training realism by discharging projectiles at trainees to stress the importance of cover and concealment. When the launcher discharges the projectiles, students immediately know they are “under fire”, thus increasing their stress level. With the HFS as a valuable training tool, instructors will maintain a better assessment of each student’s performance.

  • Connections are simple, promoting quick system setup
  • Monochrome camera and monitor require no setup, with system operation via a commercial joystick
  • Low light camera is mounted on HFS cannon for aiming accuracy
  • Full motion, 180° elevation control offers wide coverage for maximum freedom of movement
  • System can fire three different 60 or 68 cal soft foam projectiles, including soft foam, medium foam and hard nylon
  • Single shot, three-round burst, and fully auto firing modes are all supported
  • System works with FATS simulators and other third-party systems

Dvorak weapon inserts

The Dvorak weapon insert system is a drop-in, air-activated recoil system for semi-automatic and automatic firearms. The system allows you to temporarily modify your personal live firearm to function as a laser pulse simulator (note that Dvorak kits do not provide training feedback as with BlueFire or tethered weapon simulators). It utilizes compressed gas or training CO2 to simulate recoil by acting on the gun’s bolt or slide to “cycle” the gun. An integrated laser device is incorporated and is used with the simulator. Each “shot” is initiated by the strike of the unmodified hammer, producing both recoil and a laser pulse. Dvorak kits are available in two models: the Air Recoil System (ARS) and the Tetherless Recoil System (TRS).

  • The TRS uses a self-contained gas supply: standard disposable 12g CO2 cartridges.
  • The ARS kits use an external gas supply, typically worn on the belt. The weapon is connected to the gas bottle using a small, thin hose.

Find out more about Meggitt’s full line of virtual accessories. Click here to learn how the products can help you and your organization train better, faster and smarter.


  1. The tolerances of Meggitt’s virtual judgmental training systems are within 10% of live weapon weight and center of gravity?
  2. Firearms shooting produces two types of noise: the report from the muzzle of the firearm, and the sonic boom (crack) produced by some bullets breaking the sound barrier. Any bullet that travels faster than 1080 feet per second will create a sonic boom. A study “Annoyance Caused by Noise from Shooting Ranges” (Journal of Sound and Vibration), concludes that the threshold for small arms noise annoyance occurs about 60 to 65 dBA.

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Q. I want to want to build a gun range, but I have so many questions. How do I even begin?

A. The NSSF offers a Customized Market Report (CMR) with statistical data for your location to determine if a range is viable. If you’re trying to secure financing to build a gun range, the CMR provides helpful information when developing a business plan. Meggitt Training Systems can work with you on the planning and design of your shooting range, and we offer the equipment, installation and customer/technical support to ensure your range meets all requirements.

Q. I’m trying to decide which bullet trap would be best for my range. I’ve heard pros and cons on both steel traps and rubber traps. How do I decide?

A. USAGE! A steel trap is a must when firing extremely high round counts and/or tracer/incendiary rounds. For example, the US Navy and US Air Force specify only steel traps be used on their projects* due to random tracer/incendiary round applications. Alternatively a rubber trap is a great solution for all other applications as it’s quieter, cleaner, more cost effective and has a shorter footprint than steel traps. Rubber traps also provide the best solution for tactical applications. Both steel and rubber traps effectively capture and contain rounds. Meggitt Training Systems can provide the experienced information to help you decide which trap best suits your needs. For more information, click here.
*Per ETL standards


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This newsletter covers just a few of the ways that Meggitt’s virtual and live-fire products are improving training for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial gun ranges around the world. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll introduce you to new technologies and products. For more information, contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.