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July 2017 Law Enforcement Newsletter

///July 2017 Law Enforcement Newsletter
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Meggitt lends an unforgettable experiential evening for Atlanta Police Foundation’s “A Night in Blue” Gala

When you hear fundraising gala, what comes to mind? Maybe a somewhat stuffy black-tie affair with a silent auction? But what if you hosted a gathering of influencers to help them experience the challenges of serving in one of the nation’s largest police departments? That’s what the Atlanta Police Foundation did on April 13, and Meggitt Training Systems helped make it happen.

The Atlanta Police Foundation wanted to differentiate the annual “A Night in Blue” event. In addition to the elegant amenities, the organization enlisted Meggitt Training Systems to create an exciting educational evening.

Meggitt had just delivered the first FATS® 100LE virtual training system to the Atlanta Police Department. The FATS 100LE, based on Meggitt’s R&D with the United States military, is the most advanced simulator available to today’s law enforcement agencies. Instructors appreciate the flexibility of the system that easily allows them to create their own marksmanship and firearms qualification courses. Trainers can set up a new course in minutes–not hourswith the largest database of customer-specific targets.

Another advantage of the FATS 100LE is its easy reconfiguration for educating civilians on the perils faced by police officers everyday. Guests at the “interactive fundraiser” were able to join the Atlanta Police Department in seeing and experiencing the FATS 100LE in action.

Attendees participated in real-world scenarios that showcased multi-user collective training, 3D graphics, tethered and untethered weapons support and an extensive library of video scenarios. If the guests wanted to know how well they performed in any given scenario, they could take advantage of the enhanced diagnostics with intelligent, automatic coaching to review their results.

By offering a chance to experience advanced, training technology, the evening encompassed much more than a thrilling video adventure. No civilian can undergo a training scenario without experiencing a new view of today’s policing challenges. A simulator of this caliber tests more than marksmanship: It presents use-of-force scenarios as well.

Meggitt joined with other Atlanta companies such as UPS and Delta to sponsor the evening. With assistance from corporate sponsorships, the Atlanta Police Foundation is having a positive impact on the city, from technological innovation to community engagement efforts. Its goal is nothing less than making Atlanta the safest large city in the nation. Since Meggitt Training Systems is headquartered in the Atlanta metro area, the company is especially appreciative of the Foundation’s goals and achievements.

Part of a larger trend. Meggitt sees “A Night in Blue” as part of a larger trend: Encouraging citizens to step into an officer’s shoes and experience real-world scenarios from their perspective. Meggitt Training Systems donated a virtual training system and weapons to the new National Law Enforcement Museum, slated to open in Washington, D.C. next summer. In 2000, the U.S. Congress and President Clinton authorized establishment of the nation's largest and most comprehensive museum honoring the duty and sacrifice of America's law enforcement officers. Meggitt’s gift will allow museum visitors an experience similar to the one at the APF fundraiser.



Prospective range customers visit Meggitt Training Systems corporate office for informal tours, see new products and enhanced design aesthetics

Range owners and managers no longer need to await the next trade show to see the latest range advances. Meggitt regularly welcomes prospective customers for low-key, informal tours. This spring visitors were invited to the Meggitt training Systems corporate office. This range conference allowed visitors to explore the latest programs for turnkey range design as well as new product offerings. These included:

  • SafeZone™ shooting stalls offer the customization to create clear or solid stalls or a mixture of both. Completely reconfigurable and backward-compatible, new shooting stalls can be set up in the same location as your existing ones. SafeZone stalls are pistol and/or rifle rated and are available with a black frame, solid black dividing panel, and a brass shield to prevent spent casings from going into adjacent lanes. A swing down shooter’s shelf features a resilient surface, raised edges to prevent accidental drop off, and a recessed tray area containing all weapons, ammunition and other range equipment within the confines of the stall. The acoustical blast shield extends to further shelter adjacent shooters, while a site light illuminates the stall interior.
  • Aiphone® communication systems enable your range operator and shooters to communicate easily with each other, allowing the operator to monitor changing safety conditions in real time. The digital video remote system lets the range operator call, listen and converse with an individual shooter, a select group or all shooters in unison by simply pressing the selector button on the master station. Or the operator can view the shooter via a video feed, allowing real-time feedback and response time for calls to master control. Plastic or stainless-steel remote audio communication systems provide a similar level of functionality to the digital video remote, minus the video feed.
  • RangeMaster™ Control System is fully networked and wireless, allowing for easily customizable courses of fire, lighting and temperature, as well as shooter profile and ordering capabilities. The RMCS controls the XWT wireless target retrieval system, placing the target downrange at any distance. The system gives shooters the ability to move targets to any position between the firing line and the last target line without the use of signaling devices. Shooters can easily control commands with a one-touch operation and can also program static or looping courses of fire. With a fully networked system, range operators now have the ability to provide unique user logins and passwords. This accessibility allows trainers or individual users to pre-configure courses of fire and assign them to a specific shooter.

Visitors noted that Meggitt’s new efforts, especially the stalls, not only meet practical considerations, but aesthetic ones too. If you would like to request a tour for your organization, please contact Todd Meyers at MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.



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BlueFire® makes realistic weapon handling possible

Meggitt’s BlueFire® weapons set the company apart from other simulation providers in the law enforcement market in two principal ways. First, these untethered weapons react exactly as live firearms. Industry-standard simulated weapons with their typical recoil kit cannot accomplish any of the BlueFire functions. Equally important, typical simulated weapons systems do not give sufficient and specific feedback to instructors. Secondly, BlueFire empowers the instructor to monitor and alter the weaponry per the needs of the student.

Here are some of the ways instructors can take advantage of our patented BlueFire weapons:

  • Monitoring the basics. Has the weapon been loaded and unloaded properly? Is there an ammunition round in the chamber? What is the condition of the weapon?
  • Instructor control, observation and diagnosis. Instructors can remotely cause malfunctions or kill the weapon. They can see if an officer was clearing corners, aiming center mass, jerking the trigger or using proper marksmanship fundamentals. They can delay recoil or turn it off to diagnose shooters’ problems.
  • Modularity. Agencies can add their own “combat” optics to the rifles. If desired, Meggitt can also provide weapon-mounted flashlights.
  • Hardened and secure. BlueFire weapons are hardened to military specifications and therefore can be dropped without damage. They also lock to the rear when the duty load has expired, forcing a reload.

To learn more about BlueFire weapons, visit our BlueFire product page.



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Q. When setting up a training room for a law enforcement virtual system, what kind of lighting/darkness is required?

A. Since Meggitt Training Systems uses class 1 eye-safe lasers for maximum protection, fluorescent lighting has less of an impact on the lasers than incandescent lighting..A dark room works best, but is not always necessary. 

Q. I’m building an outdoor shooting range. Is ventilation required?

A. Airborne lead dust is a concern in outdoor ranges and can contaminate the surrounding environment. Lead dust exposure to employees or shooters can occur. Lead contamination in an outdoor environment can occur through water runoff and from wind carrying the lead offsite. The process of removing spent bullets, or the face of a berm, can generate large quantities of lead dust. Bullet traps or steel backstops, similar to those constructed in indoor ranges, can be used instead of earthen backstops. Although the initial cost may be high, the spent bullets can be recovered and sold without soil removal. The trap holds the bullets and fragments, minimizing the amount of lead pollution in the soil.



Meggitt Training Systems offers 250+ judgmental video scenarios (not including branching or alternative endings). The branching allows instructors to take one scenario and make it different each time depending on the officers interaction with the scenario. Most scenarios have positive outcomes for proper training on use-of-force situations. Many times a strong presence and good verbal commands are enough to de-escalate a situation.

In addition to range equipment and turnkey installation, Meggitt Training Systems offers a comprehensive Maintenance Service Contract option. The contract can be tailored to provide quarterly, biannual or annual service calls. A range technician will inspect and operate all range equipment during their visit and make necessary adjustments or repairs. A maintenance service contract minimizes the occurrence of major equipment failure and ensures the customer receives the full benefits of their Meggitt range equipment.



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This newsletter covers just a few of the ways that Meggitt’s simulation and live fire products
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