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July 2019 Law Enforcement Newsletter

///July 2019 Law Enforcement Newsletter
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Meggitt’s R&D for the military benefits law enforcement

How can law enforcement advance training within its limited budgetary resources? Meggitt Training Systems meets this challenge through an exciting dual use of technology: Adapting our acclaimed FATS 100MIL® into the FATS® 100LE, the most advanced virtual training system to serve law enforcement officers.

Meggitt has invested millions of dollars in research and development to create the world’s best small-arms training system for militaries around the world. We met all requirements set forth by the U.S. Army and were named the Program of Record for small arms training. Since then we've delivered the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) II system to active, National Guard and reserve units worldwide.

As a result, we were able to produce the FATS 100LE, a landmark system that provides:

  • Immersive realism: Cutting edge 3D marksmanship training environment. With visually realistic and highly detailed terrains and targets, the fidelity and target detail readily supports target detection, recognition and identification requirements. Photorealistic 3D terrains combine with 3D targets (including “paper” targets). You even have natural 3D occultation, in which objects or persons can be hidden from view and then confront the shooter. High-fidelity environmental effects provide that aura of real life, in which random happenings can distract. The targets remain in correct perspective for each lane with up to five marksmanship trainees at a time. Finally, as a trainer, you can create custom courses of fire to mimic qualification courses and drills.
  • The key question for any virtual training is “How comprehensive is the realism?” A truly “immersive platform” by definition mirrors actual circumstances as accurately as possible. The FATS 100LE delivers solid weapon handling and shot placement analytics, and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform. This impressive array of functionality crosses over to the 3D marksmanship training environment, and, as you will see, the after-action review further allows engagement and shot assessment in this 3D virtual environment, while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement as well as correction.
  • Diagnostics: Feedback at the firing line with automatic coaching. Meggitt’s patented Automatic Coaching leverages the enhanced 3D Marksmanship, Meggitt’s BlueFire® weapon simulator diagnostics, and wireless tablet technology to provide training feedback at the firing line. That means instructors can now stand next to the trainees and show exact shot placement, improper weapon handling and weapon trace. They can demonstrate correct behavior in real time.
  • In addition, Automatic Coaching creates a flexible training environment by putting instructional tools in the hands of the instructor for ready presentation to the trainee. Automatic Coaching tracks the weapon sensor information: how the trainee manipulates the trigger, how much pressure is applied to the buttstock, how the weapon is canted along with shot analysis that reinforces the fundamentals of shooting for the trainee.
  • Based on detailed shot analysis, automatic assessment flags questionable results (immediately available on an individual tablet for trainee reference), allowing the instructor to quickly identify and correct fundamental marksmanship errors with coaching techniques.
  • Judgmental training: use of force and officer safety. Use-of-force options and officer safety must be primary concerns of any training system. The FATS 100LE judgmental training expands the understanding of de-escalation of force situations and the corresponding decision-making process. The system effectively reinforces judgmental training objectives, concealed carry, less lethal and general weapons familiarization skills. An optional single-screen configuration includes a variety of video training modes to provide a multi-tiered program.
  • For safety, the system provides the most innovative tools on the market to prepare officers for split-second decisions. Instinctive officer response based on true-to-life training is critical for effective reactions in the field. With the FATS 100LE, instructors have the opportunity to train students on proper use of the full repertoire of responses to a dangerous situation: verbal commands, control tactics, impact strikes, chemical tools, less lethal options and deadly force.
  • Branching increases the realism of a scenario. For example, a “near miss” will dictate consequences, to which the officer must respond. Instructors can then debrief the trainee on what might have been more optimal actions or reinforce the resilience in regaining control of the situation.
  • The simulations cover constitutional issues and recent court decisions plus use-of-force policy. It vividly reinforces the officers’ classroom education and practical exercises. Simulation allows the instructor to repeat training exercises in a low-cost, time-efficient manner, while replay and look-back functions provide an additional debriefing benefit.
  • Capacity and logistics: Through-put for multiple trainees. Since Meggitt Training Systems developed this technology for armed forces, training productivity and concurrent exercises have been major requirements. Presenting a similar system for law enforcement, we have been mindful of the costs, from design through installation.
  • The FATS 100LE is designed for assignments of up to 16 weapons, allowing trainees to select the appropriate use tactics in judgmental mode. The system can also handle five trainees at a time for marksmanship and is networkable for up to three systems for 15 lanes of marksmanship training across three 16'x 9' screens.
  • In addition to Meggitt’s BlueFire wireless weapons, the system can cost-effectively accommodate an agency’s legacy weapons. You can import customer-specific training manuals (PDF, MS Word/ PowerPoint, .mpg, .wmv), and generate system utilization reports for data mining, including time spent in training mode, weapon type, etc. In fact, training materials can be viewed simultaneously on the tablet and main screen(s). Trainers can run any of the applications from their tablet. Meggitt includes on-site installation and system training for up to five trainees. To arrange a demonstration of the advanced FATS 100LE virtual trainer, please visit this page.


Work with the best



A Comprehensive Guide for Every Range Planner

Planning a shooting range facility is a major undertaking. The requirements demanded with live-fire shooting are unique and require careful planning. As part of our all-inclusive range design and planning services, we offer our Indoor Range Design Guide for download on MeggittTrainingSystems.com. This 69 page comprehensive booklet contains information on equipment, planning and design recommendations, as well as drawings and editorials beneficial to successful range development.

We encourage you to contact Meggitt Training Systems during the early stages of range planning so we may offer our assistance and guidance through the critical issues.

If required, we can visit the proposed range site and provide recommendations based on our evaluation of the potential site. Once building plans or sketches are available, our knowledgeable Account Managers can assess your needs and recommend realistic and cost effective equipment options.

We also offer turn-key installation services. Our field service technicians will assist during installation or can be retained to perform the complete equipment installation from beginning to final inspection. This assures the equipment is installed to specifications and allows the owner to focus on other aspects of getting the facility open for business.

A feature many customers use is our comprehensive Maintenance Service Contract option. The contract can be tailored to provide quarterly, biannual or annual service calls. A range technician will inspect and operate all range equipment during their visit and make necessary adjustments or repairs. A maintenance service contract minimizes the occurrence of equipment malfunction and ensures the customer receives the full benefits of their Meggitt Training Systems range equipment.

Get your copy of the Indoor Range Design Guide. It’s sure to become one of your most valuable range planning resources.


Building a gun range?



Q. I’m building a new gun range and don’t know how high the ceiling should be. Do you have any advice?

A. A structural ceiling height of 10 to 12 feet is the most effective. Ceiling heights lower or higher than this can be accommodated; however they do present additional costs for ballistic protection, lighting, and target retrieval systems.

Q. How do you achieve such realistic recoil with tethered weapons?

A. Weapon recoil is achieved with compressed air or CO2 gas, providing recoil sufficient to disturb the trainee sight picture, requiring the trainee to reacquire the target after each shot. Air is delivered through a tether connected to an air source (i.e. air tanks or compressor).



  • August is National Shooting Sports Month. Your business or organization can add your planned August events to the NSSF National Events Calendar. The NSSF is also offering a free Promotional Toolkit to advertise shooting events, sales, classes and programs you’ll be offering throughout August. The kit provides promotional flyers, the National Shooting Sports Month logo for your website, and tips on promoting the celebration through social media.
  • The NSSF will be hosting a new industry event: the NSSF Range-Retailer Business Expo™, set for Aug. 19-21 in Denver, Colorado. The goal of the Expo is to connect ranges and retailers with the products, services and education they need, and will include all areas of the industry, from businesses in the startup phase to the nation’s leading establishments. For exhibitors, the Expo offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to exhibit your products and services to the nation’s leading shooting ranges and firearms retailers – as well as a chance to connect with businesses just starting out and looking for guidance. For attendees, the Expo allows further opportunities to visit with exhibitors and participate in educational sessions. Meggitt Training Systems will be exhibiting at this inaugural event, so if you plan to attend, look for us in booth #308. To set up an appointment click here.


We’ve been around the block




GACP Summer Training 2019
July 21 - 22
Savannah Trade and Convention Center
Savannah, GA
Booth #1200
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MPRA 2019
August 20 - 22
Nutter Field House
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Booth #206P
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CACP 2019
August 11 - 13
Telus Centre
Calgary, Alberta
Booth #425
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NSSF Range Retail Business Expo 2019
August 19 - 21
Gaylord Rockies Convention Center
Denver, CO
Booth #308
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CPOA Advance 2019
August 20 - 22
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA
Booth #190
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NGAUS 2019
August 30 - September 2
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO
Booth #2011
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TACOPS East 2019
September 4 - 6
Marriot Crystal Gateway
Washington, DC
Booth #130
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September 24 - 27
Carrollton, GA
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This newsletter covers just a few of the ways that Meggitt’s virtual and live fire products are improving training for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial gun ranges around the world. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll introduce you to new technologies and products. For more information, contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.


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