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January 2017 Law Enforcement

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SHOT Show 2017: Meggitt Training Systems continues to improve marksmanship and range safety

The NSSF Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) and Conference opens at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nev., January 17 through 20, and the timing could not be more helpful. Both commercial range operators and law enforcement agencies faced new challenges in 2016, and the trends are likely to continue.

In 2016, commercial ranges welcomed many first-time shooters. From women to seniors, these newbies are interested in getting up to speed on firearm use, and local ranges are the obvious places to begin. These new customers, however, have put added responsibility on operators to ensure new levels of safety and cleanliness. As Carrie Lightfoot, owner of the Well-Armed Woman, LLC, told her website users: “I want so much for women shooters to have access to training and safe places to shoot.” To that end, she publicizes a state-by-state list of recommended ranges. In Vegas terms, new shooters “upped the ante” for range quality.

Meanwhile law enforcement officials confronted what must be reckoned as a difficult year. According to the SHOT Show 2017 website, “Intense new challenges are facing law enforcement agencies, and it’s important to get it right.” Few law enforcement officers would disagree with that statement. 2016 has seen a spike in officer casualties as well as barrage of media criticisms. Furthermore, use-of-force and active shooter situations have led to a call for increased frequency and quality of training while agencies confront tight budgets.

Meggitt Training Systems is answering these needs with three new shooting range solutions at SHOT Show 2017. When you visit us at booth #12267, you will find the new SafeZone™ shooting stall, audio and visual communication system, and wireless range control products. Driven by a 90+ year legacy and fielding more than 13,600 ranges worldwide, Meggitt is an industry leader in turnkey shooting range design, equipment and installation for law enforcement and commercial ranges around the world.

Meggitt’s new solutions on display at SHOT Show include:

SafeZone™ Shooting Stalls - The new SafeZone™ fully interchangeable shooting stalls offer the customization to create clear stalls, solid stalls or a mixture of both. Because the stalls are completely reconfigurable and backward compatible, you can have them set up in the same location as your existing stalls. The stalls are L3 pistol rated and/or L8 rifle rated and are available with a black frame, solid black dividing panel and a brass casing shield to prevent spent casings from going into adjacent lanes. A swing-down shooter’s shelf features a resilient surface and raised edges to prevent accidental drop off, and a recessed tray area contains all weapons, ammunition and other range equipment within the confines of the stall. The acoustical blast shield extends to further shelter adjacent shooters, while a site light illuminates the stall interior.

The SafeZone shooting stalls offer a high level of flexibility between lanes. Solid panels come in an array of optional colors (black, white, red or gray) and frames (black or optional silver) and may be customized with your logo for further personalization. With solid panels, the user is afforded a contained lane experience with greater privacy and less exposure and distraction from external situations.

Range Audio and Visual Communications - To enhance the safety of your range, Meggitt provides an array of efficient audio and visual communication systems. Using Aiphone® communication systems (the world’s most respected brand of intercom systems), range operators and shooters can easily communicate with each other, allowing the operator to monitor changing safety conditions on the range in real-time.

For those looking for advanced range communication systems, Meggitt’s digital video remote system allows the range operator to call, listen and converse with an individual shooter, a select group or all shooters in unison by simply pressing the selector button on the master station. The operator can also view the shooter via a video feed, allowing real-time feedback and response time for calls to master control. The master station console contains a video monitor, multi-channel selection panel, a talk/listen release switch, an all-call button and volume controls for outgoing and incoming communications.

The Range Master Control System (RMCS) - A fully networked and wireless range operation system, the RMCS allows for easily customizable courses of fire, lighting and temperature, as well as shooter profile and ordering capabilities. The RMCS wirelessly controls the XWT GEN3 target retrieval system, placing the target down range at any distance. The system gives shooters the ability to move targets to any position between the firing line and the last target line without the use of signaling devices. Shooters can easily control commands with a one-touch operation and can also program static or looping courses of fire. With a fully networked system, range operators now have the ability to provide unique user logins and passwords. This accessibility allows trainers or individual users to pre-configure courses of fire and assign to a specific shooter.

See you at SHOT Show! It’s a great way to prepare for the challenges of 2017.
SHOT Show offers a singular opportunity to observe not only the latest technologies, but to see how other agencies are tackling the same issues you confront every day. Because Meggitt has a large law enforcement and military installed base of customers, our expert representatives will be happy to assist you with information and ideas on how you can make the best use of our technologies and take advantage of the millions of dollars we have spent on research and development.

To request a meeting at SHOT Show 2017, click here.



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Meggitt’s R&D for the military benefits law enforcement: The new FATS® 100LE virtual training system

How can law enforcement advance training within its limited budgetary resources? Meggitt Training Systems has found a way to meet this challenge through an exciting dual use of technology: Adapting its acclaimed FATS© 100e virtual training system into the new FATS© 100LE, the most advanced system to serve law enforcement officers.

Meggitt has invested millions of dollars in research and development to create the world’s best small-arms training system for militaries around the world. We met all requirements set forth by the U.S. Army to deliver the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) II system to active, National Guard and reserve units worldwide. We were officially named the Program of Record for EST II, receiving certification in August 2016.

As a result, we've produced the FATS 100LE, a landmark system available for the first time to law enforcement. Harnessing these innovations, Meggitt Training Systems is able to deliver a “revolutionary” (versus an incrementally improved) system that fits the bill in four principal ways:

#1: Immersive realism: Cutting edge 3D marksmanship training environment. With visually realistic and highly detailed terrains and targets, the fidelity and target detail readily supports target detection, recognition and identification requirements. Photorealistic 3D terrains combine with 3D targets (including “paper” targets). You even have natural 3D occultation, in which objects or persons can be hidden from view and then confront the shooter. High-fidelity environmental effects provide that aura of real life, in which random happenings can distract. The targets remain in correct perspective for each lane with up to five marksmanship trainees at a time. Finally, as a trainer, you can create custom courses of fire to mimic qualification courses and drills

The key question for any virtual training is “How comprehensive is the realism?” A truly “immersive platform” by definition mirrors actual circumstances as accurately as possible. The FATS 100LE delivers solid weapon handling and shot placement analytics, and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform. This impressive array of functionality crosses over to the 3D marksmanship training environment.

And, as you will see, the after-action review further allows engagement and shot assessment in this 3D virtual environment, while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement as well as correction.

#2: Diagnostics: Feedback at the firing line with automatic coaching. Meggitt’s patent-pending Automatic Coaching leverages the enhanced 3D Marksmanship, Meggitt’s BlueFire® weapon simulator diagnostics, and wireless tablet technology to provide training feedback at the firing line. That means instructors can now stand next to the trainees and show exact shot placement, improper weapon handling and weapon trace. They can demonstrate correct behavior in real time.

In addition, Automatic Coaching creates a flexible training environment by putting instructional tools in the hands of the instructor for ready presentation to the trainee. Automatic Coaching tracks the weapon sensor information: how the trainee manipulates the trigger, how much pressure is applied to the buttstock, how the weapon is canted along with shot analysis that reinforces the fundamentals of shooting for the trainee.

Based on detailed shot analysis, automatic assessment flags questionable results (immediately available on an individual tablet for trainee reference), allowing the instructor to quickly identify and correct fundamental marksmanship errors with coaching techniques.

#3: Judgmental training: Use of force and officer safety. The issue of officer judgment will inevitably be on the training radar in 2017 and for years to come. Use of force options and officer safety must be primary concerns of any training system. The FATS 100LE judgmental training expands the understanding of shoot/don’t shoot situations and the corresponding decision-making process. The system effectively reinforces judgmental training objectives, concealed carry, less lethal and general weapons familiarization skills. An optional single-screen configuration includes a variety of video training modes to provide a multi-tiered program.

For safety, the system provides the most innovative tools on the market to prepare officers for split-second decisions. Instinctive officer response based on true-to-life training is critical for effective reactions in the field. With the FATS 100LE, instructors have the opportunity to train students on proper use of the full repertoire of responses to a dangerous situation: verbal commands, control tactics, impact strikes, chemical tools, less lethal options and deadly force.

Branching increases the realism of a scenario. For example, a “near miss” will dictate consequences, to which the officer must respond. Instructors can then debrief the trainee on what might have been more optimal actions or reinforce the resilience in regaining control of the situation.

The simulations cover constitutional issues and recent court decisions plus use of force policy. It vividly reinforces the officers’ classroom education and practical exercises. Simulation allows the instructor to repeat training exercises in a low-cost, time-efficient manner, while replay and look-back functions provide an additional debriefing benefit.

#4: Capacity and logistics: Through-put for multiple trainees. Since Meggitt Training Systems developed this technology for armed forces, training productivity and concurrent exercises have been major requirements. Presenting a similar system for law enforcement, we have been mindful of the costs, from design through installation.

The FATS 100LE is designed for assignments of up to 16 weapons, allowing trainees to select the appropriate use tactics in judgmental mode. The system can also handle five trainees at a time for marksmanship and is networkable for up to three systems for 15 lanes of marksmanship training across three 16x9 screens.

In addition to Meggitt’s BlueFire wireless weapons, the system can cost-effectively accommodate an agency’s legacy weapons. You can import customer-specific training manuals (PDF, MS Word/ PowerPoint, .mpg, .wmv), and generate system utilization reports for data mining, including time spent in training mode, weapon type, etc. In fact, training materials can be viewed simultaneously on the tablet and main screen(s). Trainers can run any of the applications from their tablet. Meggitt includes on-site installation and system training for up to five trainees.

To arrange a demonstration of the advanced FATS 100LE virtual trainer, please contact us.



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I’m building a new range and need information on range lighting. What is required?

A. Two types of illumination are required in the range; general and target lighting. General illumination is normally provided by fluorescent fixtures and target lighting consists of incandescent reflector-type lamps. Typically two swivel fixtures are provided at each target stop. The wattage is dependent upon the length of throw, but usually 150 watt lamps will provide the desired 100 mfc at the target face. The lights are placed in a protected area in the ceiling in banks across the range. All lights for each target stop, (i.e., 21-foot line target stop) are on one bank and controlled by a dimmer switch to provide variable light conditions for law enforcement training.


I’d like to replace my existing shooting stalls with the new SafeZone™ stalls. How would that work with my current stall layout?

A. SafeZone™ shooting stalls can be set up in the same location as your existing stalls. They are both L3 pistol rated and/or L8 rifle rated and are wholly reconfigurable and backward compatible. SafeZone™ shooting stalls are fully customizable and can be arranged to create clear stalls, solid stalls, or a mixture of both to fit the needs of your range.



Firearms shooting produces two types of noise: the report from the muzzle of the firearm, and the sonic boom (crack) produced by some bullets breaking the sound barrier. Any bullet that travels faster than 1080 feet per second will create a sonic boom. A study "Annoyance Caused by Noise from Shooting Ranges” (Journal of Sound and Vibration) concludes that the threshold for small arms noise annoyance occurs about 60 to 65 dBA.

A feature many customers use is our comprehensive Maintenance Service Contract option. The contract can be tailored to provide quarterly, biannual or annual service calls. A range technician will inspect and operate all range equipment during their visit and make necessary adjustments or repairs. A maintenance service contract minimizes the occurrence of major equipment failure and ensures the customer receives the full benefits of their Meggitt Training Systems range equipment.



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