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January 2019 Law Enforcement Newsletter

///January 2019 Law Enforcement Newsletter
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At the 2019 SHOT Show, Meggitt Training Systems will display the most advanced, integrated live-fire and virtual training products available in the industry.

See us at Booth #12267 for live-fire demonstrations, and in the Toscana Ballroom #3703 for virtual demonstrations.

Running January 22 to 25 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, this year’s Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) and Conference promises to be unprecedented in scope. In fact, it will offer the “industry's largest dedicated exhibit for firearms, protective equipment and tactical accessories to service law enforcement, armed forces, SWAT and private security.” With more than 2,000 total exhibitors, law enforcement executives and procurement decision-makers will be able to meet directly with manufacturers and suppliers, accomplishing in a few days what might otherwise entail months of research.

The expansion is timely. Law enforcement agencies are calling for increased and improved training. To meet this demand, Meggitt Training Systems has been developing new technologies as well as upgrading fielded systems.

At Booth #12267, Meggitt Training Systems will display its full range of live-fire training products. These products represent the culmination of a nine-decade legacy, fielding more than 13,600 ranges worldwide since 1926.

Meggitt remains the industry leader in turnkey shooting range design, equipment and installation for law enforcement and commercial ranges.

The company is also the undisputed leader in live-fire virtual training systems, proven by the demanding standards of the U.S. armed forces and allied militaries around the world.

In addressing the overall needs of the law enforcement officer, Meggitt stands apart. The training solutions go beyond setting industry benchmarks in live-fire or virtual. Shaped by in-house expertise and global feedback, Meggitt is on the cutting edge of integration between both necessary modes of training: live-fire for marksmanship and simulation for judgment. In response to real-life, split-second situations, officers do not distinguish between marksmanship and judgment. Nor should they in training.

Advancing live-fire training: imagery and wireless

Meggitt engineers believe that the time has come for target systems to take full advantage of today’s digital and wireless technologies. Meggitt’s live-fire solutions on display in two shooting stalls will include two innovative systems that change training dynamics:

The revolutionary XWT ProImage® Projected Target System: blending live-fire and virtual training

SHOT Show attendees can see how the new XWT ProImage® projected target system reliably synthesizes live-fire and simulation training. Thanks to the XWT ProImage, users can choose from a host of virtual scenarios or games while using their own weapons in an indoor range environment.

An industry first, the system brings together Meggitt’s two singular capabilities. Live-fire equipment, such as XWT target carriers, have steadily improved shooting ranges, making targets more mobile, flexible and realistic. Meanwhile, virtual systems, such as the FATS® line of virtual systems, have tested officer judgment with up-to-date scenarios and simulated weapons. The XWT ProImage brings the advantages of virtual and live-fire training together in real-time, providing image and video targets for indoor live-fire shooting ranges.

The system consists of a compact video projector and camera system that attaches to Meggitt’s XWT target carriers. It can thus move downrange to any distance on the track. Wirelessly connected to a 10” lane control unit mounted to the shooting stall, the system projects interactive games, digital videos and images that a shooter can upload onto white paper or cardboard targets. The onboard camera provides a streaming, close-up view of the target for instantaneous feedback, including bullet hole tracking displayed on a tablet. The XWT ProImage, a simple addition to any XWT GEN3 or GEN4 carrier, uses lithium batteries, and with the XWT, it docks and charges while in operation.

Most importantly, the XWT ProImage engages users in ways typical paper targets cannot. Lacking visual interest, typical paper targets can quickly lead to boredom, obviously something no shooting range can dare afford. In contrast, the XWT ProImage projects images that involve the user in a time-sensitive situation. You have an option of diverse existing computer-generated imagery or custom authored live images via camera. Custom authoring means a shooter can take a photo or movie on their cell phone and engage the target the same day.

This ground-breaking system provides endless possibilities for target training. Whatever the scenario, image or target you envision, you can create and train on it. Users choose from a variety of these vivid targets, based on their preference and skill, from novice to experienced. Being on the range becomes a multi-sensory experience that engages the trainee in a complete learning experience, one they are more likely to remember in harm’s way.

The XWT GEN4 wireless target carrier: the next step for a wireless 360° turning system

Visitors to Meggitt’s booth can also see the latest generation of the XWT in action. Building on the industry’s first wireless 360° turning, the XWT GEN4 incorporates advances for greater efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability. By using a lithium ion battery with a positive locking connection and ergonomic placement, GEN4 provides a 50% increase in battery watt hours.

In addition, the new docking system improves contact design for faster, more reliable charging, which translates into more time using the XWT GEN4 and less time charging it. Programmable distraction lighting now integrates red, blue and white LEDs with four times the brightness of previous models. The chassis features a new side cover design for wheel overhead protection and prevention of brass drivetrain damage. Anti-static wheels eliminate grounding tinsel and reduce electrostatic discharge.

More Meggitt live-fire offerings on display at SHOT Show 2019

Visitors to the Meggitt booth will have the chance to see models of three other Meggitt innovations, each of which has marked an advance in training:

  • The GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap represents the best available bullet trap design technology for bullet capture and containment. Meggitt’s patented stair-step design uses granulated rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The bullet impacts the soft media and is captured predominately intact, minimizing airborne lead dust, averting backsplatter and ricochet, and minimizing impact noise. Versions of the GranTrap™ can capture up to 8100 ft-lbs. of energy, excluding incendiary/tracer type rounds.
  • The LE5000 rifle and handgun escalator steel bullet trap, a product of Meggitt’s long-time leadership in steel bullet traps, offers a low-cost and low- maintenance solution for indoor and outdoor ranges using fixed firing lines. The design of the impact plates directs bullets into a swirl chamber at the top of the trap for final deceleration. The spent fragments collect in trays for easy cleaning of the bullet trap. Models are available for use with handguns, shotguns, 9mm submachine guns and for ball ammunition fired from high velocity rifles. Meggitt’s expertise led the design of the very first steel trap, and the company spent two years to develop the LE5000.
  • The SHOTT™ House teaches critical skills including forced entry, room navigation and clearing, team tactics and judgmental shoot/don’t shoot engagements. The Meggitt SHOTT House is a comprehensive package that delivers key training elements like a 360° ballistically secure shoot house in fixed or modular configurations, live-fire target systems, virtual simulation and after action review. Meggitt’s SHOTT House is more than a shoot house. It’s an integrated tactical training facility.

The FATS® 100P at the Toscana Ballroom #3703: The latest in virtual training portability

In addition to Meggitt’s exhibit hall presence, the company will demonstrate the FATS 100P portable virtual weapons training system in the Toscana Ballroom #3703 at the Sands Expo Center. Attendees who schedule an appointment can see the FATS 100P® portable system, designed for law enforcement and defense organizations that require virtual weapons training on the go.

The FATS 100P features advanced functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering weapon handling and shot placement analytics, marksmanship automatic coaching tools, video-based judgmental training for escalation and de-escalation, and enhanced graphic capabilities, all in a compact package. Portable and light, the FATS 100P comes in two rugged hand-carry cases the size of a large range bag that allow easy transportation, set-up and operation by one person. Up to six weapon simulators, including wireless BlueFire® ones, can be run simultaneously. Weapons on display this year will include a Glock, standard patrol rifle, OC spray and Taser X26P.

See us at the SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range: January 21, 2019

Industry Day attendees will have the opportunity to view and fire at Meggitt’s Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target (MF-SIT) System and LOMAH (location of miss and hit). The MF-SIT has the unique ability to expose from multiple angles with a friend-or-foe target. Movements are precise, dynamic and respond quickly to commands of expose, conceal, slice and turn in any combination. In addition, the MF-SIT will rotate a regulation infantry target through 360 degrees at multiple angles. It can respond to hits; its automatic triggers activated by shooter movements or a pre-programmed scenario, ensuring that trainees do not anticipate target actions, which provides a realistic environment for specialized training.

To speak with a Meggitt representative during SHOT Show, visit booth #12267 or schedule an appointment at our appointment page.


Work with the best



Introducing Custom Shooting Stalls

For years, Meggitt has been conveying to its many range design customers that “one size does not fit all.” The objective is to create the optimal shooting experience for users while reflecting the culture of your organization. Meggitt’s new custom shooting stalls let you achieve this purpose. Custom Shooting Stalls allow you to create clear and solid stalls with texture and various materials such as wood, leather or vinyl. The customizable outer surfaces continue your organizational identification into the shooting range area.

Furthermore, you can seamlessly install the pistol-and-rifle-rated stalls with all Meggitt target systems and safety ceiling equipment. Noise abatement minimizes sound between shooting stalls. You have the safety advantage of ballistic containment and protection with AR steel mounted in the center of the stall design. In addition, you can outfit the custom shooting stalls with a variety of optional features that enhance the shooter’s experience, including the following examples:

  • Stall widths: Stalls are available in 2 ft. increments, with 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft. widths. They can be further customized in 2 ft. increments.
  • Stall lighting: Recessed LED lights provide dimmable lighting for each stall. Available in multiple colors, stall lighting can illuminate logos, range numbers and other items upon request. A red/blue LED strobe light option allows realistic law enforcement training.
  • Acoustics: Beveled PEPP (silencer) acoustics can be mounted from the shooters shelf to the end of the stall.
  • Shooter’s bench: Available in solid wood, leather or other materials, the shooter’s bench also includes hooks to keep personal items off the floor. End lane benches use a swing down design for easy range access.


Building a gun range?



Q. Our department is interested in the products and services discussed in this newsletter. However, this year we are unable to send anyone to the SHOT Show. Is it possible to arrange a personal demonstration?

A. We would be happy to discuss your needs and explore how we can demonstrate our products for you. Please contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.

Q. We have a very small, tightly budgeted police department. How can we afford one of your new systems that integrates live-fire and virtual training?

A. Meggitt Training Systems tailors solutions to a broad range of budgets. For example, consider our new BlueRail® technology, which lets you use your own live-fire weapons in an affordable, virtual environment. Our small BlueRail device instantly converts existing weapons for use with simulators like Meggitt’s advanced FATS® 100P system and provides realistic recoil for accurate training.

Q. Can your virtual scenarios help our agency ensure that officers are compliant with the Constitution, i.e. Supreme Court decisions regarding use of force?

A. Yes, scenarios are tied to court outcomes as well as Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decisions. Instructors can evaluate performance on that basis. We keep in mind the SCOTUS ruling that the "reasonableness" of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, rather than with the benefit of the 20/20 vision of hindsight.

What are your questions? For more information, contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.



  A racing star, Formula One World Champion Jody Scheckter, founded Firearms Training Systems (FATS®) in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979. FATS was the first company in the world to produce interactive firearms training simulators for law enforcement and military markets. Meggitt acquired FATS in 2006.

  The world’s first production bullet trap and target system came from Caswell International, founded more than 90 years ago in 1926. Meggitt acquired Caswell in 2003.

  Meggitt Training Systems, the integrator of live-fire and virtual small arms training, was created in 2008 when Meggitt merged FATS and Caswell into Meggitt Training Systems.


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SHOT Show 2019
January 22 - 25, 2019
Sands Expo Center
Las Vegas, NV
Booth #12267
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AACOP 2019
February 18 - 21, 2019
Orange Beach Event Center
Montgomery, AL
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IWA 2019
March 8 - 11, 2018
Nurnberg Messe
Nuremberg, Germany
Booth #3-211
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California Police Chiefs 2019
March 6 - 10, 2019
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
Santa Clara, CA
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March 24
Crowne Plaza Pittsburg West - Greentree
Pittsburg, PA
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This newsletter covers just a few of the ways that Meggitt’s virtual and live fire products are improving training for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial gun ranges around the world. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll introduce you to new technologies and products. For more information, contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.


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