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International eNewsletter – June 2020

///International eNewsletter – June 2020
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Displaying the Latest Virtual and Live-Fire Training Products Around the World

The British Shooting Show

Earlier this year, Meggitt Training Systems participated in the Great British Shooting Show for the first time ever. The turnout and interest generated by the XWT wireless 360 degree target carrier, XWT ProImage® projected target system and GranTrap™ rubber bullet trap were outstanding, especially for an inaugural presentation. Meggitt also displayed the AA2 turning target, MF-SIT with dual pop-up turning heads and LOMAH bar to show off the newest military products. The LOMAH was seen as a valuable tool for some of the commercial and gun clubs with long range shooting. It allows the shooter to see the shot location without having to use either a spotting scope or go down range by displaying the shot location on a shooters monitor. Attendance was high at both the show and the Meggitt Training Systems booth, and we were busy from the opening of the doors to the end of each day.

Many of those who came by were members of local shooting clubs looking to upgrade their exiting ranges with either a new bullet trap to replace a sand trap or to install a new more modern and efficient target system to bring more value to their members. The GranTrap rubber bullet trap model was used to show and describe the most efficient way to capture the rounds and still be able to recover the lead by recycling the ammunition in the trap. Customers learned this is a great way for the clubs to add revenue, have a cleaner range with less maintenance, and reduce operating cost due to decreased dust in the range and ventilation system.

Steel bullet trap scroll

The XWT wireless target system attracted a crowd during its operation, running with flashing red and blue lights to simulate police car lights. Potential customers were impressed the XWT target system requires no cables. Typical carriers that use drive cables tend to get shot frequently, resulting in a lane or potentially the entire range being shut down for repairs. That is not the case with the XWT. The ease of programming and ability to switch between a basic screen to an advanced screen, and program and run scenarios was seen as a key features.

Mark Mears, Managing Director of Meggitt Training Systems Limited (MTSL), based in Ashford, UK, said, “We had high hopes for a good response at the British Shooting Show, but this was way above our expectations. Meggitt’s long history of live fire, starting with Caswell back in 1926 and our subsequent fielding of over 15,000 ranges worldwide, gives the customers confidence we have the right products and will be there for many years to come to support their ranges.”

The show is scheduled to be held again in February 2021 and Meggitt Training Systems fully intends to be present with an even larger booth and more of our complete range design, supply, installation and support solutions. Our plans are to bring in some additional partners to expand our presence with more products and services we can offer. We look forward to seeing our existing and new customers again next year.


For the second time since the show’s inception, Meggitt Training Systems exhibited at the SIMTEX show in Abu Dhabi, UAE in late February 2020. SIMTEX reflects the growth and investment of simulation and training in the UAE and GCC countries.

Supported by UAE Armed Forces GHQ and attended by regional government delegations, agencies, industry, military and civilian authorities, the event promotes cooperation among the armed services, industries, academia and various government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education systems, identification of common training issues and development of multi-service programs.

Once again, Meggitt partnered with the International Golden Group (IGG) and exhibited at their sizeable stand during the exhibition. Available for demonstration was the new FATS® 180MIL 3-screen immersive training system, along with Meggitt’s patented BlueFire® weapons, including the M24 sniper rifle, the M4 rifle, various duty pistols, and the new BlueFire M249 SAW.

On display, the FATS® 180MIL provided a 180° immersive training environment with high definition, 5.1 surround sound and three 150” X 84” (16:9 aspect ratio) borderless screens. The systems’ ultra short throw projectors allowed visitors a greater freedom of movement in the simulation theater while displaying stunning visuals in a 180° environment.

Of particular interest to many trying the FATS 180MIL was its support of up to 60 simulated weapons, including FATS weapons and ammunition types—and the fact that up to 4 simulated weapons could be assigned to a single user. During demonstrations to military and law enforcement officials, Meggitt representative showed how the system supports both 3D Marksmanship and Judgmental training.

While in Marksmanship mode, users could experience an immersive, vivid, realistic 3D indoor and outdoor shooting range. Users were able to engage close and distant targets for reactionary and/or precision shooting including Qualification, Competition, Commercial and even steel reactive targets. The targets even had the ability to turn, pop-up and even move around.

Other users were interested in the Judgmental mode, with its high-definition imagery projected on every screen. As the scenario eye point moved for each user, all screens reflected the motion. This provided an amazing immersive experience, highlighting the realistic conflict situations and awareness

Most notably, many users were particularly impressed that Meggitt’s FATS 180MIL utilizes the same high-fidelity ballistic engine validated by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps and other military customers. This hi-fi engine provides accurate ballistic characteristics in flight, supporting and enforcing the proper fundamentals of marksmanship. Overall SIMTEX was a successful show and allowed Meggitt Training Systems to demonstrate its virtual training systems and weapons to the Middle East and North African markets.


How LOMAH Shot Scoring Improves Training with Immediate Precise Feedback

Meggitt Training Systems’ Location Of Miss And Hit (LOMAH) Technology Results in More Accurate Marksmanship with Lower Manpower Costs

Meggitt Training Systems remains the long-standing innovative leader in military live-fire shooting ranges. On military bases throughout the world, trainees hone the skills on our expertly designed and installed targetry and range equipment, which continue to be updated with new insertions. Now, Meggitt’s Location Of Miss And Hit (LOMAH) system can add shot scoring to increase the value of your current facilities. LOMAH is available either as a retrofit capable kit or fully integrated into the Meggitt target lifter product line. Consequently, the easy and quick installation minimizes downtime and lowers costs.

How LOMAH works

Gone are the days when trainers had to rely on downrange personnel to attempt to determine shooter accuracy and then communicate back to the trainee. The LOMAH system registers the passing of the bullet, measuring the precise time of a bullet’s supersonic shock wave passing over a microphone sensor array. The LOMAH bar is attached to the lifter and protected by the berm or other ballistic protection in front of the target lifter. Sensors on the bar can be arranged differently depending on their use with stationary infantry, mobile infantry and armor targets.

Bluefire weapons

Triangulation of sound waves for hit location lets you compute the bullet’s precise location according to X, Y coordinates. The system then instantly presents a graphical image on the shooter’s Firing Point Computer (FPC). Trainees now have the necessary information to display accurate shot groupings and zero their weapons more effectively. The outcome is improved marksmanship skills and reduced ammo required.

The system also records single shots and bursts. You can use LOMAH with a wide variety of ammunition, from .22 to .50 caliber and beyond for long range, armor systems (which are being deployed this year).

With LOMAH, students no longer need to wonder: “Did I hit the target? How far off was I? What do I need to do to correct?” Meggitt’s unique soundwave technology guarantees an accurate understanding for every shot. Snipers as well as other long-range shooters will especially appreciate this immediate feedback.

Middle Eastern Training Complex Acquires LOMAH

LOMAH is part of a new $78 million training complex that Meggitt is installing and equipping in the Middle East. The training facility will include multiple indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, combat training centers, virtual simulators and physical mockups. As the prime technology vendor, Meggitt is ensuring that the equipment will be viable for any situation in the years ahead.

For more information about LOMAH and Meggitt’s other live-fire offerings, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact +1 678 288 1090 or email us at MGTTS-MilitarySales@meggitt.com.


  • Meggitt Training Systems routinely ships spare parts and upgrades to systems dating back more than 20 years. In fact, we still receive orders for bullet trap replacement parts for installations more than 40 years old!
  • When planning to build a gun range, you’ll need to factor in site and infrastructure costs. However, they are often difficult to estimate, especially if a site has not been identified. If a site is identified, you’ll need to address access roads, utilities, environmental fees, landscaping, fencing, paving, and parking lots. If a site has not been identified, use local resources such as city planners to guide you through the possibilities.


Q. How often do you have to recycle rounds from Meggitt’s GranTrap™ rubber bullet trap?

A. Rounds do not have to be recycled until you reach approximately 75,000 rounds per lane. Our patented 10 gauge steel-stepped bed plate construction with a gravity-feed design allows rubber to remain in place. Unlike competitive traps that have rubber particles continually falling down to the bottom of the trap, Meggitt’s GranTex media stays in place. With our patented stair-step design, we ensure proper GranTex volumes within the primary impact areas for maximum round collection.

Q.What is Meggitt Training Systems stance on customer service, reliability and warranty issues?

A. Meggitt Training Systems’ customer service department is committed to maintaining a partnership with our customers that extends far beyond the initial purchase. In addition to the contacts already established with Meggitt’s sales staff, installers or technicians, Meggitt provides a help desk, available via phone or e-mail for consultation, product/service questions or parts orders. The help desk may be reached at +1 (800) 344-6771 or at Customer Support.

Meggitt provides repair services at our Atlanta headquarters, or on-site at your location for scheduled maintenance visits or repair services. Our scheduled maintenance program includes over 250 satisfied customers with 650+ scheduled visits annually. Many of Meggitt’s customers have used a scheduled maintenance program for more than a decade and enjoy rapid response, quick turn around and professional service from Meggitt’s staff. We continually strive for satisfied customers by providing top-notch customer service. Please let us know how we can work with you on your next live fire range or simulation project.


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This newsletter covers just a few of the ways that Meggitt’s virtual and live-fire products are improving training for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial gun ranges around the world. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll introduce you to new technologies and products. For more information, contact:

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