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February 2020 E-Newsletter

///February 2020 E-Newsletter
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More than a shoot house – an integrated training facility

As urban environments grow increasingly volatile, the need for realistic survival training expands in importance. Meggitt’s Shoot House Optimized for Tactical Training (SHOTT) provides a tactical environment for critical skills training. Users can experience forced entry, room navigation, dynamic and covert clearing, team tactics and judgmental shoot/don’t shoot engagements.

The SHOTT™ House allows users to practice securing a structure using live weapons or Meggitt’s virtual ones. Video scenarios projected on the walls create a flexible, virtual shoot house for rapid customization based on the mission. The SHOTT House can be equipped with a FATS® virtual training system to provide a comprehensive solution for marksmanship, sustainment and judgmental training, including force escalation and de-escalation.

The SHOTT House solution is a comprehensive package that delivers key training elements including:

  • 360° ballistically secure shoot house in fixed or modular configurations
  • Live-fire target systems
  • Virtual simulation
  • After action review

Due to Meggitt’s expertise and reliability in both live-fire and virtual systems, training environments may be extended far beyond a simple shoot house. Meggitt delivers an integrated training facility where the entire process is turnkey to the user.

Ballistic containment and safety

Realistic 5” thick shoot house walls create authentic house dimensions and doorways similar to real world construction. Ballistic rubber facing eliminates ricochet, splatter, bounce back, and filters dust, creating a cleaner and safer shooting environment. The facing tiles can be individually replaced anywhere in the wall in approximately 15 minutes, with no need to remove timeworn adhesive or wait for new adhesive to cure. Ballistic rubber panels are molded to overlap at the seams, eliminating gaps between rubber panels that expose the AR steel plate behind. This overlapping seam construction maintains continuous wall coverage without gaps, under all weather conditions.

Designed to meet the needs of the end user, other SHOTT House features include:

  • Lead dust and bullet fragments are captured and contained within the walls for later removal (during maintenance cycle) via Meggitt’s patented bullet management system.
  • Every wall has a removable lower panel for bullet fragment clean out, preventing lead bulge and build up, and aiding in fragment recycling efforts.
  • Customized to meet the requirements of the user; fixed or modular construction allows for large or small rooms and a variety of room configurations.
  • System is easily assembled on any flat, stable surface.
  • Walls are constructed of AR 500 rated steel panels for maximum safety and long-term durability.
  • Option of ballistic ceiling installation for additional security and protection.
  • Observation and evaluation of trainee capabilities may be observed from optional overhead catwalks or through closed-circuit cameras viewable in the master control room, allowing for fully-reviewable, after action analysis.

Serving a multitude of training options, Meggitt’s SHOTT House prepares users for:

  • Urban incidents
  • SWAT training
  • Individual and team tactics
  • Forced entry
  • Dynamic and covert clearing
  • Live-fire threat engagement
  • Hallway/stairway navigation
  • Low light or no light operations

At the customer’s preference, Meggitt can provide a complete shoot house augmented with live targetry and/or virtual target systems. Meggitt’s live-fire target actuators are deployed on a majority of US Army and US Marine Corps ranges. These tough and capable target actuators have become the standard for live-fire training. If you’re looking for a complete tactical solution, look to Meggitt Training Systems. Click here for more information on the SHOTT House.


Attention all law enforcement trainers: There is now a fully-functioning, simulated training system you can take with you.

Imagine a lightweight, virtual training system that fits into a carrying case the size of a range bag, yet has all the innovative features and functions you expect from Meggitt Training Systems’ pioneering technology. Good news! Imagination is no longer required. It’s reality. The FATS® 100P compact portability lends itself to unprecedented virtual training applications. Share simulation resources across multiple locations, saving money associated with individual training facilities. Hold outreach events that show the stresses of patrolling to activists and other members of the public. Conduct media relations in newsrooms or educational events in schools. Or simply bring top-quality, robust training to the field.

Whatever the application, the FATS 100P virtual training system delivers the advanced functionality for both instructor and trainee previously seen only in much larger systems:
FATS 100P portable virtual training system

  • Solid weapon handling
  • Shot placement analytics
  • Marksmanship automatic coaching tools
  • Enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform

Facilitating de-escalation of force training

Most departments and agencies would like to increase de-escalation of force training, but they can be hampered by logistical requirements. With the FATS 100P, one officer can transport and set up crucial judgmental training anytime, anywhere.

The FATS 100P employs Meggitt’s proven high-definition video scenarios to produce dynamic escalation and de-escalation for use-of-force training. This simulation demands that the trainee survey and react to verbal cues, facial expressions and overall body language to assess a situation and interact with individuals using proper verbal commands and perishable skills training. Each scenario incorporates whole-task training that facilitates the transfer of skills learned during simulation into real world situations.

The FATS 100P allows up to six weapon simulators used simultaneously, and comes with more than 250 video scenarios and 1,250 branching options. In conjunction with the scenarios, integrated video authoring allows the instructor to create, edit, score, load and run customer videos locally filmed in familiar locations.

During after-action review, the instructor can analyze the trainee’s actions and discuss proper technique and procedure. Using the feedback, the instructor can identify problematic areas and develop a personalized training plan. Though the FATS 100P is lightweight, the training can still be thorough and memorable.

Request your demonstration of the FATS 100P today.


  • Meggitt Training Systems’ DP29 Dual Running Man Target System can be used for both permanent and portable applications. The target carrier and drive components slide onto the track for easy set up and dismantling, making it ideal for training situations where dedicated range space is not obtainable, or at unsecured ranges. For permanent range installations, the track can be secured to a concrete pad, mounted to a ballistic wall, or suspended from the ceiling at the target line.
  • There are many factors involved when constructing an indoor shooting range, and there is no “one price fits all” when designing, building and equipping your range. Each project is different, the requirements are diverse, and the customer needs are varied as well. There are a myriad of things to consider and factors that play into the final cost of your range. To find out more, download “What Does a Shooting Range Cost?”

We’ve been around the block



Q. I’m about to build my gun range and want to save money. Can I just use the existing cement walls or add some plywood to use for baffles?

A. We would strongly advise against the cement or plywood walls and baffles. The most critical areas of misdirected shots to compromise a shooters safety is typically the area between the firing line to twelve feet downrange. To reduce the shooter’s risk of injury, Meggitt’s Air-Space Ceiling System is comprised of mixed layered panels strategically engineered to contain a misdirected round via the wood facing, containing them within the air space chamber after striking the steel backing plate. This prevents the bullet from exiting the panel or returning to the open range area. The air-space panels are suspended horizontally from the ceiling structure starting at the firing line and extending downrange the distance desired—specific to the customer’s range design. After installation, acoustical material may be applied to the panel surfaces to assist in noise reduction. Meggitt offers a variety of range containment and redirective panels in various sizes and thicknesses (pistol through rifle rated), pending the specific range design needs. Click here for more information on ballistic baffles and guards.

Q. What types of ammunition will a steel bullet trap take and/or withstand?

A. Virtually any commercial area bullet trap will “take” all conventional handgun, rim fire rifle, shotgun and submachine gun ammunition. “Conventional” ammunition is considered to have bullets primarily composed of lead. They may be partially or entirely jacketed with gliding copper. However, they may not contain any hard materials such as steel or zinc. Obvious exclusions are all armor piercing or metal piercing ammunition, all center fire rifle ammunition (except those traps specifically designated “RIFLE”), and all steel shot such as BB’s.


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British Shooting Show 2020
February 14 - 16


Birmingham, UK
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AACOP Winter 2020
February 17 - 20

Renassance Hotel and Convention Center

Montgomery, AL

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SimTEX 2020
February 23 - 25


Abu Dhabi, UAE
IGG Stand 05-A20/A40
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EnforceTac 2020
March 4 - 5


Nuremberg, Germany
Booth #12-666
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IWA 2020
March 6 - 9


Nuremberg, Germany
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Warrior Expo West 2020
April 1 - 2

San Diego Convention Center

San Diego, CA

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California Police Chiefs 2020
April 19 - 23

Renaissance Palm Springs Convention Center

Palm Springs, CA
Booth #815 & 816
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NYTOA 2020
April 22 - 23

Turning Stone Resort and Casino

Verona, NY
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DSA 2020
April 20 - 23


Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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ITEC 2020
April 28 - 30


London, United Kingdom

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This newsletter covers just a few of the ways that Meggitt’s virtual and live-fire products are improving training for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial gun ranges around the world. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll introduce you to new technologies and products. For more information, contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.


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