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December 2019 E-Newsletter

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As we enter a new decade, Meggitt Training Systems expands its presence at the 2020 SHOT Show

Demonstrating effective live-fire and virtual solutions for law enforcement training and commercial gun ranges

The 2010s brought extraordinary challenges to law enforcement officers: Use-of-force issues raised to public and political awareness. Active shooters endangering schools and communities. The increasing threat of police ambushes. And always the agency’s dilemma of how to increase and pay for the best possible training.

Fortunately, an expected 4,000 agency representatives and buyers will have one place to see all the latest advances in protecting and serving those entrusted to them. Now beginning its tenth year at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) Show and Conference will run from Jan. 21 to 24, 2020. This year’s theme is “FULLY LOADED”, which expresses the broad range of exposition, networking and educational opportunities available.

In keeping with the theme, Meggitt Training Systems, at Booths #12267 and #6602, will display its industry-leading live-fire and virtual training products. Meggitt has fielded more than 13,600 ranges worldwide since 1926. We are the industry leader in turnkey shooting range design, equipment and installation for law enforcement and commercial ranges. In addition, we have become the undisputed leader in virtual training systems chosen by the world’s most demanding military and law enforcement customers. A visit to the Meggitt Training Systems’ booth will showcase the well-rounded, live fire and simulation, training products essential in today’s environment.

Meggitt’s live-fire solutions: On display at Booth 12267

Meggitt Training Systems can help you find the most affordable and efficient ways to prepare your range for optimal use. Along with law enforcement training, commercial shooting ranges are looking for the most advanced shooting range equipment.

The XWT GEN4 wireless target carrier: the latest advance in the industry’s first wireless, 360˚ turning system. The XWT GEN4 extends the availability of the target system for your range. For example, it uses a lithium ion battery with a positive locking connection and ergonomic placement. This technology provides a 50% increase in battery watt hours. The new docking system improves contact design for faster, more reliable charging; that means more time using the XWT GEN4 and less time charging it. Programmable distraction lighting now integrates red, blue and white LEDs with four times the brightness of previous models. The chassis features a new side cover design for wheel overhead protection and prevention of brass drivetrain damage. Anti-static wheels eliminate grounding tinsel and reduce electrostatic discharge.

The XWT ProImage® projected target system: Revolutionizing image and video targets for indoor shooting ranges. If you haven’t seen the XWT ProImage system in action, you’ll appreciate this industry first. A compact video projector and camera system attaches to Meggitt’s XWT target carrier and can move downrange to any distance on the track. Wirelessly connected to a 10” lane control unit mounted to the shooting stall, the system projects interactive games, digital videos and images that a shooter can upload onto white paper or cardboard targets. The onboard camera provides a streaming, close-up view of the target for instantaneous feedback, including bullet hole tracking displayed on a tablet. The XWT ProImage is a simple addition to any XWT GEN3 or GEN4 carrier, uses lithium batteries, and with the XWT, it docks and charges while in operation.

Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target (MF-SIT): A more realistic experience for urban operations and specialized training. The MF-SIT is the state of the art in stationary target systems. It offers a fixed target head configuration that can respond to hits or a pre-programmed scenario, ensuring that the trainees do not anticipate target actions. This feature increases the realism for officers who must face the unexpected in urban environments. The MF-SIT system is operated through radio frequency, hardwire or ethernet controls that enable great flexibility in range design and usage.

The LOMAH (location of miss and hit): a better way to measure accuracy. The LOMAH system adds shot scoring by measuring the precise time of a bullet’s supersonic shock wave passing over a ballistically protected microphone sensor array. Triangulation of sound waves for hit location makes Meggitt’s offering unique in this market, determining the bullet’s location and presenting a graphical image on the shooter’s firing point computer. The bullet’s measured location provides the shooter the accurate information needed to display shot grouping and zeroing of weapons more effectively. The result, of course, can be significantly improved marksmanship skills. LOMAH can be installed easily via a retrofit kit or on new, LOMAH-capable Meggitt targets such as the MF-SIT.

Meggitt also will have models on display of the GranTrap™ rubber bullet trap, LE5000 escalator steel bullet trap, our SHOTT™ House tactical environment and the RoadRange™ mobile indoor range.

The next step in virtual training: on display at Booth 6602

The FATS® 100P portable virtual training system: combining flexibility with Meggitt’s acclaimed fidelity. In Booth 6602, part of the Law Enforcement Pavilion, Meggitt Training Systems will exhibit one of our latest advances: A compact simulator that features advanced functionality for both instructor and trainee. The FATS 100P delivers everything you would expect from our larger systems: Weapon handling and shot placement analytics. Marksmanship automatic coaching tools. Video-based judgmental training for escalation and de-escalation. Enhanced graphic capabilities. Yet, portable and light, the FATS 100P comes in two rugged hand-carry cases the size of a large range bag that allow easy transportation, set-up and operation by one person. In addition to remote training, it is also ideal for departments sharing resources or conducting public affairs for citizen groups. Up to six weapon simulators, including wireless BlueFire® ones on display, which resemble in form, fit and function as the actual weapons used by your officers, can be run simultaneously.

An opportunity to learn: Meggitt at the Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP).

The SHOT Show’s Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) focuses on protection measures and tactical execution. Upon completion, LEEP participants receive a Certificate of Attendance confirming course participation, which can be used to document training.

Meggitt Training Systems’ presentation will give you critical information for range installation and improvement. Company representative Heath Shaw will present “Staying on Target: How to Outfit your Shooting Range for Maximum Safety and Efficiency” on Tuesday, Jan. 21 from 10:45-11:45 am in Marcello Room 4504, which is part of the Sands Expo. Shaw will share industry insight on live-fire range development and operation trends, including indoor range equipment, such as target carriers, baffles and bullet traps. Outdoor ranges will also be featured, with emphasis on sound abatement and rubber bullet traps to meet stringent EPA regulations. Finally, the company will discuss increasing requirements from law enforcement agencies for ranges that can accommodate dynamic, tactical training on the move. Show attendees can register for this LEEP session at https://shotshow.org/leep/.

We look forward to seeing you at SHOT Show. Book your appointment today!

We encourage you to speak with one of our Meggitt representatives during SHOT Show at Booths 12267 and 6602. Or better, schedule an appointment now at https://meggitttrainingsystems.com/about/request-a-meeting-with-meggitt-training-systems/.


FATS® virtual training systems

Small-arms simulators have become indispensable tools in the initial training and requalification of countless members of law enforcement agencies and allied military forces around the world. From marksmanship through judgmental training, simulators have proven to be not just accurate and realistic, but also invaluable for saving time and money at a time when both are at a premium. However, if instructors haven’t familiarized themselves with the courses and scenarios on the virtual system, trainees may not benefit fully as intended. Customers purchasing a Meggitt FATS system receive a specific number of hours of training for the course instructor to build his or her own confidence and proficiency, before doing so on behalf of others. In other words, familiarization of the system’s full capabilities in the installation phase is crucial to maximum efficiency and efficacy later on.

Suspending disbelief is a function of both the simulators and the instructors. Today’s high-definition, video-based systems are highly realistic and their scenarios can induce real adrenaline surges that test how trainees react physically and mentally under pressure. Meggitt’s three-screen FATS 180LE and five-screen FATS 300LE go even farther by enveloping trainees in action around, not just in front, of them. They also offer surround sound and the ability to add light flashes for additional realism. The incorporation of look-back cameras recording the trainees can play a vital role for ascertaining differences in perception between what the trainee thinks he or she did, versus what actually occurred. Lessons delivered in this manner can then be repeated to encourage the correct response based on customer-specific doctrine.

Instructors should have a clear goal for simulator training, either marksmanship or judgmental. Judgmental requires a high level of knowledge of the scenarios. Trainers must be able to react quickly with the judgment branches based on what the trainee is actually doing. Beyond the scenarios themselves, trainers should incorporate real-life factors to add nuance to escalation and de-escalation use-of-force decision-making and associated consequences. Trainers play an important role in marksmanship too. They need to understand not only the basic functionality of firearms, but also the fundamentals of how to shoot correctly and steps to remediate deficiencies. Meggitt’s BlueFire® weapons provide trace analysis, including highly accurate data not just about the shot, but also what a trainee did in the seconds just before and after pulling the trigger.

In summary, trainers need expertise and insight to provide the requisite guidance for success not just in the simulator, but also on the live-fire range and in real-world policing and military operations. Conversely, trainees need a simulator and its trainer to provide sufficiently high levels of fidelity and realism to replicate marksmanship and judgmental training at the enhanced frequency and lowered cost that only a simulator can offer. Here, the combination of technology and human interaction is vital. The former provides military-certified ballistics and an infinitely customizable number of scenarios with branching options. The latter delivers guidance on technique, regulations and case law. Together, trainers and their FATS simulators with BlueFire weapons represent the best combination for excellence in marksmanship and judgmental training.


  • Meggitt Training Systems routinely ship spare parts and upgrades to systems dating back more than 20 years. In fact, we still receive orders for bullet trap replacement parts for installations more than 40 years old!
  • When planning to build a gun range, you’ll need to factor in site and infrastructure costs. However, they are often difficult to estimate, especially if a site has not been identified. If a site is identified, you’ll need to address access roads, utilities, environmental fees, landscaping, fencing, paving, and parking lots. If a site has not been identified, use local resources such as city planners to guide you through the possibilities.

We’ve been around the block



Q. How often do you have to recycle rounds from Meggitt’s GranTrap™ rubber bullet trap?

A. Rounds do not have to be recycled until you reach approximately 75,000 – 80,000 rounds per lane. This impressive feature is due to Meggitt’s patented belly plate design that allows more rounds to be captured in the body of the trap. In addition, the aperture height is 6 ft. in height, allowing for rounds to hit the heavy duty AR500 impact plates just below the chamber. This means less damage and longer life for the GranTrap™.

Q. What is Meggitt Training Systems stance on customer service, reliability and warranty issues?

A. Meggitt Training Systems’ customer service department is committed to maintaining a partnership with our customers that extends far beyond the initial purchase. In addition to the contacts already established with Meggitt’s sales staff, installers or technicians, Meggitt provides a help desk, available via phone or e-mail for consultation, product/service questions or parts orders. The help desk may be reached at (800) 344-6771 or at MGTTS-CustomerSupport@Meggitt.com.

Meggitt provides repair services at our Atlanta headquarters, or on-site at your location for scheduled maintenance visits or repair services. Our scheduled maintenance program includes over 250 satisfied customers with 650+ scheduled visits annually. Many of Meggitt’s customers have used a scheduled maintenance program for more than a decade and enjoy rapid response, quick turn around and professional service from Meggitt’s staff. We continually strive for satisfied customers by providing top-notch customer service. Please let us know how we can work with you on your next live fire range or simulation project.


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Industry Day at the Range 2020
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Bolder Rifle & Pistol Club

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January 21 - 24

Sands Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV
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British Shooting Show 2020
February 14 - 16


Birmingham, UK

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AACOP Winter 2020
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SimTEX 2020
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EnforceTac 2020
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Global SOF Symposium 2020
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Warsaw Marriott Hotel

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IWA 2020
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This newsletter covers just a few of the ways that Meggitt’s virtual and live-fire products are improving training for defense forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial gun ranges around the world. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll introduce you to new technologies and products. For more information, contact MGTTS-LESales@meggitt.com.