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Preparing Militaries for Battle with Simulated Weapons Training

/Preparing Militaries for Battle with Simulated Weapons Training

Written by Michelle Henderson – June 13, 2019

Preparing Militaries for Battle with Simulated Weapons Training

With the ever-changing global landscape and emergence of new enemies with out-of-the-box tactics, soldiers must be quickly and effectively trained for combat. Ready to go with the know-how to meet their mission’s objectives at a moment’s notice. Forces are looking at how they can cut training costs and get their soldiers up to speed quickly and out in the field, which can be accomplished through simulation weapons training. Providing advanced-technology tools and challenging ways to train the armies of tomorrow is a requirement of today’s defense organizations. The call is to constantly develop and innovate, continually thinking ahead to the next conflict and how to train for it.

Militaries around the world use simulation in a variety of ways to train their troops and provide realistic scenarios. By employing virtual simulation, they are using real people, operating simulated equipment, in a simulated environment, generating real-time results in the After Action Review, and proper coaching for the betterment of the soldier’s skills. This advancing technology reduces risk to the trainee and diminishes costs to the organization.

These trainings put the student’s knowledge to the test, using virtual simulation to mimic real-life battlefield situations. The challenging scenarios, be it individual or collective environments, result in safer and more cost-effective training. No one is firing real ammunition, adding to the safety factor. And real ammunition is costly. Instead, virtual training allows the soldier to practice in difficult, stressful environments and hone skills without risking their lives or costly equipment. This realistic battle preparation helps the trainees anticipate combat stress, enabling them to visualize the battle space and ready themselves for future warfare.

Defense forces with simulation systems in remote battle areas can train soldiers before an actual mêlée begins. Trainers can quickly run through communication protocols, weapons procedures and tactics or technical information to make sure everyone is ready, adequately equipped, and fully primed for what lies ahead. Keeping marksmanship skills up to date is imperative when out in the field, and these systems can provide a valuable service.

In addition, virtual systems can offer complex, all-encompassing collective training scenarios. These involve input from an assortment of defense forces, interwoven using any number of aspects of modern simulation to forge the required learning event. Working collaboratively as a group is necessary training and honing these skillsets in advance can save lives.

Combining marksmanship training with collective training results in well-trained soldiers who are comfortable with their weapons, have enhanced marksmanship skills, and work seamlessly together in a group environment in times of combat. Using virtual simulation training is an important part of the soldier’s preparation, readying them for the next step; live fire field training.

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