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Meggitt highlights new acoustic training system

by Scott Gourley of Military Training & Simulation News (MTSN)
Meggitt Training Systems utilised the live-fire range opportunities at the recent Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show industry range day to highlight its new Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) design for a number of military attendees at that event.

According to Jon Read, director of live-fire systems for Meggitt, LOMAH is an acoustical bar that is installed in front of a training target. Typically, these are situated on stationary infantry targets and triangulate the incoming round as it travels over the bar.

Using ‘acoustical mathematics’, the system will score that round on a shooter station display.

‘It doesn’t matter if he or she is at 100, 200 or 300 metres, or any distance. It provides that information wherever they are on the range, eliminating the need to either go downrange to score or use any kind of spotting scope,’ Read detailed.

Read noted that the company’s LOMAH design supports the desire from both US Army and US Marine Corps to use less manpower on their known distance (KD) small arms ranges.

‘On Marine Corps KD ranges, they actually have a “pit” where you have two marines to score one shooter,’ he said. ‘They are trying to get away from that, because obviously it’s eating up a lot of resources. And we are actually having several Marine Corps guests coming out to see this product at SHOT Show industry range day.’

Out at the range, Heath Shaw, a live fire account manager at Meggitt, talked Shephard through operation of the company’s LOMAH system.

’Meggitt has produced the pop-up targets for the army for many years,’ Shaw said. ‘This LOMAH bar now adds acoustic scoring to the left and right of the target. Additionally, it shows us not only when we hit the target but where on the target we actually hit.’

He demonstrated the capability by showing hit and miss shooting results on a laptop screen.

’It also works very well when firing with machine guns,’ he added. ‘For example, if I am suppressing a target, and the target goes down, the miss location information can be used to ascertain that you are suppressing the target correctly.’

Read pointed to some unique features in the design, such as the ability to score both straight-on and angled shooting with a single bar.

’We’re excited about it,’ he said. ‘It’s a new product for us. It’s not necessarily new technology but here at Meggitt we have got a lot of new features on the LOMAH bar that other competitors do not have, and we are able to show that.’

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