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School shooting become focus of police training across the country

/School shooting become focus of police training across the country

Virtual Training Helps Law Enforcement Deal with the Real Thing and Save Lives

Suwanee, GA – With more than twenty-three separate school shooting incidents in 2018 so far, the issue has taken center stage across the country. What can be done?

Behind the scenes many police departments are now updating their training to incorporate new virtual training technologies to improve their officers’ response to these life-threatening situations.

Law enforcement agencies are training their officers with rigorous, virtual school shooting scenarios to help improve their judgment and responses in the real world when seconds count.

Officers are trained in an immersive environment with multiple life-size surrounding screens, hi-fidelity audio, highly-realistic video scenarios, and weapons that look and feel like the real thing.

With Meggitt Training System’s simulated environment, officers are faced with threat scenarios, such as an active school shooter, that trainers can seamlessly modify in an instant, forcing officers to quickly respond. With trainers changing up the video scenarios in real time, they are providing officers with simulated training that’s as close to reality as possible.

The portable FATS 100P can also be used to train school resource officers on site, allowing them to hone their skills in virtual school environments with training that can save lives.

Matt Cunningham, Director, Virtual Systems, Meggitt Training Systems, says their systems are always being updated, “We learn from what’s happening from officers on the street and are constantly changing our video scenarios to reflect current, real-life incidents and threats. Our FATS 100P and our new FATS® 300LE out this summer, are the next-generation training tools officers need to sharpen decision-making skills and behave more decisively and successfully on the streets.”

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