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Meggitt Training Systems facilitates police training and education for ILEETA Conference

/Meggitt Training Systems facilitates police training and education for ILEETA Conference

Suwanee, GA -Meggitt Training Systems, the leading provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training products and services for armed forces and law enforcement, will demonstrate the portable FATS® 100P simulator at the 2018 International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference and Expo. The event will be held March 19-24, 2018 at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel.

“At a time when law enforcement training has never been more important and under greater scrutiny, Meggitt Training Systems is uniquely positioned to help police officers safely enforce local laws,” said Andrea Czop, vice president for strategy, sales and marketing at Meggitt Training Systems. “Our ability to deliver a combination of virtual and live-fire solutions has helped law enforcement departments across the country and around the world improve marksmanship and judgmental decision-making.”

Meggitt’s FATS 100P virtual training system helps instructors train rookie and experienced officers in a wide variety of marksmanship and use-of-force situations, which helps maximize departmental resources and enhance public safety. Visitors to Meggitt’s ILEETA booth can see the system paired with a variety of weapons, including an M4, Glock, MMP, Taser and chemical spray.

The FATS 100P features advanced functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering weapon handling and shot placement analytics, marksmanship automatic coaching tools and enhanced graphic capabilities, all in a compact package. Portable and light, the FATS 100P comes in two rugged hand-carry cases the size of a large range bag that allows easy transportation, set up and operation by one person.

Judgmental training employs more than 250 high-definition video scenarios with 1,250 branching options to produce dynamic escalation and de-escalation training. This requires the FATS 100P user to survey and react to verbal cues, facial expressions and overall body language to quickly assess a situation and interact with individuals using proper commands and perishable skills training. In conjunction with the de-escalation-of-force scenarios, integrated video authoring allows the instructor to create, edit, score, load and run customer content filmed locally in familiar locations. Up to six weapon simulators, including Meggitt’s BlueFire® wireless weapons, can be run simultaneously.

To see a demonstration of Meggitt’s FATS 100P and speak with a company representative during ILEETA, visit booth #405 or schedule an appointment at our schedule a meeting page.

For further information contact:
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