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SHOT SHOW 2018 – Meggitt Training Systems Blog #3

/SHOT SHOW 2018 – Meggitt Training Systems Blog #3

by Michelle Henderson 1/25/18


The theme of the 40th anniversary event is “GEAR UP!” The imperative tone carries the urgency that law enforcement and commercial gun range owners will be feeling in 2018. Their goal will be to prepare their users as closely as possible for real-life situations. To meet this increased demand for realistic training, Meggitt Training Systems will be highlighting innovations in both live fire and virtual training.

Three new American-made products on display are all groundbreaking products for shooting ranges around the world. Each of these systems contributes to greater realism for law enforcement and other trainees. Today’s blog focuses on the third new live fire product introduced by Meggitt Training Systems at SHOT Show 2018:

The Live-Fire Screen: Blending simulation with live ammunition

Meggitt’s new Live-Fire Screen brings a solution to a problem long besetting law enforcement trainers: How do you visually and tactically replicate use-of-force situations? The Live-Fire Screen allows users to train within a regular shooting range using live ammunition while scenarios are displayed on a natural rubber screen through Meggitt’s FATS® 100LE simulation system.

Hit-detection technology determines the position of a shot, allowing a much shorter time between attempts. In fact, it can quantify the delivery of two successive shots faster than any other screen in the industry. Because the Live-Fire Screen uses optical triangulation to determine the position of the hit, it allows a much shorter guard time (five milliseconds or ms) compared to other solutions. In comparison, microphone-based (sonic) systems require approximately 50 ms, while thermal-based systems require more than 500 ms.

This system stands further apart from competing live-fire offerings where screen integrity affects hit-detection capability. Meggitt’s screen surface is not needed for detection of projectiles passing through the area of interest and is used only for showing the image. You can also readily integrate the screen into live-fire shoot houses with other surfaces for projection.

The Live-Fire Screen is both flexible and durable. Easy-to-install, the self-healing screen can be used with various types of weapons ranging from revolvers to submachine guns. It is designed to withstand up to 50,000 rounds over the entire surface area before replacement or repair.
The 40th SHOT Show offers an opportunity to learn and explore the latest in law enforcement training and commercial range design. With Meggitt’s exhibited technologies, you can better prepare for the challenges of the future.

To speak with a Meggitt representative during SHOT Show, visit booth 12267 or schedule an appointment at our meeting appointment page.
For more information, contact Michelle Henderson

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