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SHOT SHOW 2018 – Meggitt Training Systems Blog #1

/SHOT SHOW 2018 – Meggitt Training Systems Blog #1

by Michelle Henderson 1/23/18


After four decades, the SHOT Show remains unique. From humble beginnings, the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) has become the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries. It is the world’s premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics and related products and services. Each year it attracts buyers from all 50 states and more than 100 countries.

At the 2017 SHOT Show, attendance totaled nearly 65,000, to make it the second most attended SHOT Show ever. The 2018 event promises the “industry’s largest dedicated exhibit for firearms, protective equipment and tactical accessories to service law enforcement, armed forces, SWAT and private security.” Running January 23-26 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, it will feature more than 1,600 exhibitors.

The theme of the 40th anniversary event is “GEAR UP!” The imperative tone carries the urgency that law enforcement and range procurement specialists will be feeling in 2018. Their goal will be to prepare their users as closely as possible for real-life situations. To meet this increased demand for realistic training, Meggitt Training Systems will be highlighting innovations in both live fire and virtual training.

The next generation in realistic range training

Similarly, Meggitt Training Systems continues to advance the products exhibited at the Show. With its 90-year legacy of equipping more than 13,000 ranges worldwide, Meggitt constantly pursues the state of the art in turnkey shooting range design, equipment and installation for both law enforcement and commercial ranges. Driving the innovative offerings on view is a unique combination of in-house military and law enforcement expertise, influenced by global customer feedback.

As a result, three new American-made products on display are all groundbreaking products for shooting ranges around the world. Each of these systems contributes to greater realism for law enforcement and other trainees. Today’s blog focuses on the first new live fire product introduced by Meggitt Training Systems at SHOT Show 2018:

Explore the XWT ProImage projected target system: where live fire and lifelike images meet

To give students the most realistic experience possible, new target systems ideally must combine real-life imagery that can be flexibly changed to meet training needs. That is why Meggitt is revolutionizing image and video targets for indoor shooting ranges.

The XWT ProImage achieves these aims. The system involves a compact video projector and camera that attaches to Meggitt’s XWT target carrier. Wirelessly connected to a 10” lane control unit mounted behind the firing line, the XWT ProImage projects user-uploaded digital videos and images onto white paper or cardboard targets. An onboard camera provides a streaming, constant close-up view of the target for instantaneous feedback. The XWT ProImage features docks that charge with the XWT target, and it includes easily replaceable batteries for nonstop run time.

The XWT ProImage is a simple addition to any XWT GEN3 or GEN4 (see below). It uses lithium batteries and, with the XWT, docks and charges while in operation. While the XWT ProImage batteries charge in place, they are also hot-swappable for high-volume use.

The XWT ProImage system also benefits trainees in other ways. It offers real-time views of the downrange target image from the shooter’s display, allowing instant shooter feedback without the need to retrieve targets. It provides automatic marking of shot locations on images. One can measure the progress of new shots vs previous shots. You can even manually mark shots on moving targets and images.

Create your own target imagery… immediately.

Imagine capturing critical imagery on your cellphone and immediately transferring it to your range experience. An XWT Pro Image feature actually allows trainers and their trainees to author custom range targets. They have the additional ability to zero in at long distances and receive instant feedback without retrieving the target. Because of the use of video, operators also have no need to stock an assortment of printed targets.

The flexibility of the XWT ProImage means a shooter can take a photo or movie on their cell phone and engage the target the same day. As a shooter, you have endless possibilities for target training. Whatever the scenario, image or target you envision, you can create and train on it.

The 40th SHOT Show offers an opportunity to learn and explore the latest in law enforcement training and commercial range design. With Meggitt’s exhibited technologies, you can better prepare for the challenges of the future.

To speak with a Meggitt representative during SHOT Show, visit booth 12267 or schedule an appointment at our meeting appointment page.
For more information, contact Michelle Henderson

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