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Meggitt Training Systems’ new live-fire screen enables seamless training experience

/Meggitt Training Systems’ new live-fire screen enables seamless training experience

Suwanee, GA -Meggitt Training Systems, the leading provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training services for defense forces and law enforcement, introduced a full-size live-fire screen that enables simulation training on a firing range. The debut took place at the International Association of Chiefs of Police 124th Annual Conference and Exposition (IACP) held October 21-24, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

“Law enforcement departments no longer have to choose between simulation and live-fire training,” said Andrea Czop, vice president for strategy, sales and marketing at Meggitt Training Systems. “Meggitt’s live-fire screen means customers can derive all the benefits of virtual training while using live ammunition within the confines of a firing range.”

Meggitt’s full-size live-fire screen allows users to train within a shooting range using live ammunition while scenarios are displayed on the screen through the FATS® 100LE system. The live-fire screen includes a natural rubber screen directly integrated with the FATS 100LE virtual system, leveraging the same software and courseware used for Meggitt’s laser-based weapons. Optical measurement of the bullet in flight determines hit positioning, which means a much shorter guard time (the minimum required by the system to discriminate two successive shots) compared to other available live-fire screens. All electronic equipment, including projection, is located above the top of the screen and is typically installed to the ceiling behind an existing range baffle. This eliminates the need for heavy and bulky steel frames common in other systems.

Unlike competing live-fire offerings where screen integrity affects hit detection capability, Meggitt’s screen surface is not needed for detection of projectiles passing through the area of interest and is used only for showing the projected image. It can be readily integrated into live-fire shoot houses with other surfaces for projected images. The easy-to-install, self-healing screen can be used with various types of weapons ranging from revolvers to submachine guns, and is designed to withstand up to 50,000 rounds over the entire surface area before replacement or repair.

Additional information about the live-fire screen can be found at live-fire screen page.

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