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Meggitt Training Systems plans Canadian debut of simulator at CACP

/Meggitt Training Systems plans Canadian debut of simulator at CACP

Suwanee, GA – Meggitt Training Systems will showcase both virtual and live-fire training products for a comprehensive weapons-training solution at the 112th annual Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Conference in Montréal, Québec, on July 16-19, 2017.

A variety of Meggitt products will be on display, including the Canadian debut of the FATS® 100LE firearms training simulator paired with C8, Sig 226, Glock 17 and M4 Convertible weapons. The company will also highlight its GranTrap™ rubber bullet trap and other turnkey live-fire range solutions, all backed by 24/7 customer service support.

“The Canadian debut of the FATS 100LE simulator demonstrates Meggitt Training Systems’ commitment to innovation on behalf of our customers in light of evolving requirements,” said Ed Duckless, president, Meggitt Training Systems, Quebec. “Law enforcement departments will benefit from a suite of military-grade capabilities designed to maximize marksmanship and judgmental training.”

The FATS 100LE simulator leverages state-of-the-art technology recently developed for and delivered to the US Army and Marine Corps, but customized for law enforcement training. Law enforcement specific features include the introduction of 3D marksmanship training, wireless tablet control with auto-coaching, and an intuitive unified interface across all training modes – for ease-of-use and reduction in training requirements. Consistent with its premium positioning, the FATS 100LE also features multiple screen capability, enhanced visuals, multiple weapons per trainee and wireless BlueFire® weapons. On-site installation and training are provided by Meggitt Canadian personnel to ensure the industry’s most sophisticated use-of-force simulator is ready for optimal use

The GranTrap granulated rubber bullet trap utilizes soft media to stop incoming rounds and capture them predominately intact, minimizing airborne lead dust, averting back-splatter and ricochet, and minimizing impact noise. The result is a cleaner and safer environment for shooting ranges, maximizing bullet recovery and recycling processes.

Company representatives will be on hand to discuss the comprehensive array of range design, development, equipment and installation services available. Meggitt’s “10 Commandments of Clean and Healthy Range Design” illustrates best practices as ranges are in the planning stages.

Demonstrations will be held at booth #627 in Montréal’s Palais des Congrès throughout the day and by appointment at: CACP appointment page.

For further information contact:
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