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The Road to Realism (#1 in a series for ITEC 2017)

/The Road to Realism (#1 in a series for ITEC 2017)

by Ellis Pines 5/16/17

Meggitt at ITEC 2017: Providing a proven platform for realistic training

Immersion. Virtual Reality. “Train like you fight.” As ITEC 2017 opens in Rotterdam on May 16, these ideas will be on the minds of military leaders from around the world attending this timely conference and exhibition. Everyone wants to ensure their troops have the best possible training to address current and anticipated threats. So how can attendees sift through the buzz and determine the best training technology?

Meggitt Training System suggests that you look for a platform that has been proven itself in the field, then been evolved to meet changing requirements. For example, attendees at ITEC can see a demonstration of the FATS® 100MIL, the latest in Meggitt’s virtual small-arms trainers. The 100MIL leverages key features from the US Army Engagement Skills Trainer II (EST II), on which soldiers have relied for combat readiness, marksmanship and shoot/no-shoot judgement. US Marine Corps trainees have also proven the system capabilities.

Evolving a core technology for greater capability

The FATS® 100MIL features a dependable core technology that has evolved with increasingly rigorous training requirements, such as conventional and asymmetric threats across Europe. In an era of constrained military budgets, it represents the latest training solution for maximum realism.

The 100MIL grew out of a long-term product roadmap, based on our understanding of military training for the future. Based on these projections, we integrated new features that would benefit the trainee as well as the instructor.

Customers told us that the more vivid a simulation environment is, the more it calls upon the trainee for situation awareness and focused precision wherever every second counts. Hence enhanced 3D marksmanship provides highly detailed terrains and targets, including weather, birds in flight and realistic ballistic effects.

Meanwhile automatic coaching tracks the weapon sensor information with shot analysis that recalls customer doctrine and reinforces the fundamentals of shooting. Tablet functionality maximizes session time by allowing the trainer to run the system wirelessly and move as needed.

Trainees can also do a great deal more than ever before, as the system simulates collaborative action. VBS3 (Virtual Battlespace 3)-based collective training draws upon Meggitt’s BlueFire® wireless weapon simulators (a unique untethered repertoire of weaponry) and its full line of indirect-fire mortar simulators as well as close air support and Joint Terminal Attack Controller training.

The capabilities of the 100MIL have been proven by the US Army and Marine Corps. The simulator is now getting an intergovernmental test by NATO, the alliance of 28 member nations that has had a long-time supportive involvement with ITEC.

NATO’s testing of the FATS 100MIL

In evaluating acquisition of a simulator, demonstration at a trade exhibition only partially indicates value. Proven reliability, the day-in and day-out-usage by trainees and instructors is essential for determining whether purchase is warranted. Now that US trainees have proven the FATS 100MIL’s capabilities, the system is positioned for export via direct and foreign military sales.

To that end, Meggitt Training Systems has commenced a three-month demonstration period at NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy. Located in Solbiate Olona near Milan, NRDC-Italy is a multinational headquarters featuring personnel from 12 NATO member nations, most from the Italian Army as the facility’s host and framework nation.

Initial testing and evaluation of the FATS 100MIL began on April 28 in the presence of NRDC-Italy Commander, Lt. Gen. Roberto Perretti. The 100MIL system seems uniquely qualified to meet the most rigorous NATO training requirements, especially for high-readiness forces facing evolving threats to alliance members. The new system provides an unprecedented array of functionality for NATO instructors and trainees, delivering solid weapon handling and shot placement analytics, coaching tools that automatically highlight trainee results for reinforcement or correction, and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform.

Talk to us about your needs at ITEC

All of which brings us back to the buzz words. What do “realism” and “immersion” mean in a way that is relevant to the serious trainer? Meggitt sees these as continuing goals through which training can approximate in ever greater measure the actual experience on the battlefield.

At ITEC 2017, Meggitt representatives look forward to discussing how we might accommodate your needs. Demonstrations will be available throughout the day on stand 43 or by appointment at our appointment page

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