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Meggitt Training Systems’ FATS 100MIL enters “Ugo Mara” barraks

/Meggitt Training Systems’ FATS 100MIL enters “Ugo Mara” barraks

by NRDC-ITA Staff 4/28/17

Today, in the presence of the NRDC-Italy Commander, Lt. Gen. Roberto PERRETTI, the Meggitt FATS 100MIL system has been tested and evaluated. This is “a major expansion in weapons training capability” for the HQ.

Prior to the presentation of the system and its features by Mr. Mears, (Managing Director of Meggitt Training Systems Limited) a training session was conducted to soldiers of the HQ.

The system provides intuitive functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering highly accurate weapon handling, shot placement analytics and detailed assessment of the marksmanship undertaken, so giving a huge contribution to the readiness of NRDC-Italy service men and women.

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