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The Power of Proven Training Equipment (3)

/The Power of Proven Training Equipment (3)

by Ellis Pines 3/5/17

From the latest bullet trap to turnkey range design, meet your training needs at IWA 2017

In this series of blogs, we have been discussing how European law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts have an excellent opportunity to see innovations at IWA Outdoor Classics 2017, running through March 6 at the Exhibition Center Nuremberg. Among the 1500+ exhibitors is U.S.-based Meggitt Training Systems. Having acquired Caswell live-fire technologies in 2003, Meggitt is a leader in making ranges safe and effective teaching tools.

At booth 229 in Hall 3, Meggitt representatives will be on hand to discuss all your law enforcement and commercial range needs. For example, Meggitt uniquely provides an end-to-end, turnkey range solution that meets the comprehensive needs of law enforcement agencies and commercial range owners. This offering, available in Europe, is the world’s only complete live-fire range solution. That means, for the first time, you can trust your live-fire ranges to one company.

Meggitt Training Systems has the experience to customize solutions for your needs: more than 90 years of live-fire experience, fielding more than 13,000 range systems worldwide, including over 75,000 live-fire target systems on 122 military bases. By meeting the exacting specifications of military bases, Meggitt is well-prepared to handle your requirements.

Consequently, with its all-encompassing Turnkey Range Solutions service, Meggitt professionals can design, equip and provide training for a best-in-class live-fire range on time and within budget, meeting your end user’s trainee requirements.

At the booth, representatives will discuss the advantages of Turnkey Range Solutions, including the following:

  • Brand-new ranges constructed in as little as 120 days, start to finish.
  • Current ranges upgraded and retrofitted with the newest advances in realistic targetry, ballistic containment, environmental considerations and more.
  • One contract. One vendor. One point of contact. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Meggitt professionals streamline the process, making it easier and more efficient to complete the project and meet your goals.
  • Knowledge and experience navigating various contract vehicles to streamline the process of complex construction procurements.

Using Meggitt’s resources and design knowledge allows you to focus your time, attention and energy on your training priorities, curriculum and throughput, rather than the intricacies of range construction management. As mentioned in the previous blogs, our long-time Caswell legacy brand has been the leader in live-fire training technology, setting the equipment that effectively hones firearms training for law enforcement agencies and individual gun owners.

Continual product upgrades ensure your facility remains state-of-the-art. Throughout the industry, Meggitt is known for its proven innovation, backed by engineering and technological advancements. Our future-facing research and development team creates pioneering products to ensure the preparedness and safety of the forces that protect us.

The GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap: the best bullet trap in the world

Range systems are only as strong as their individual components. That is why Meggitt is emphasizing its ballistic containment and range management innovations at IWA. We are aware that every range project presents its own unique set of circumstances that must be considered when selecting the appropriate bullet trap system. Identifying the shooting activities to be conducted and the type of firearms and ammunition to be used will influence the type of bullet trap that is the most effective for your range. The environmental performance of the bullet trap must be assessed as well to ensure long-term range sustainability and mitigation of lead hazards.

The GranTrap™, which is being demonstrated at IWA, represents what many consider to be the optimal trap design technology for bullet capture and containment. Because the trap uses granulate rubber material to stop incoming rounds, the bullet impacts the soft media and is captured predominately intact. The trap thus minimizes airborne lead dust, averts back-splatter and ricochet, and reduces impact noise. The result is a cleaner and safer environment for shooting ranges, as well as better bullet recovery and recycling processes. The GranTrap™ product line includes reclining GranTrap™, capped berm GranTrap™, GranTrap™ test trap, and the Safe-N-Clear™ clearing trap for handguns or rifles.

Making target a more effective training tool

Visitors to the Meggitt booth at IWA can further see demonstrations of the latest in target systems, which provide greater realism in training:

  • The XWT wireless target carrier, discussed in our previous blog, is available in both indoor and outdoor versions. It is weather-resistant for extreme environments. It moves along a rail system, powered by an internal direct-drive, dual-motor system, with anti-static wheels for quieter, smoother operation. A rechargeable battery automatically charges via a self-docking station.
  • Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target (MF-SIT) offers a fixed target head configuration that can respond to hits, automatic triggers activated by soldier movements, or a pre-programmed scenario, ensuring that the trainees do not anticipate target actions. This provides a realistic environment for urban operations and specialized training. The system is operated through radio frequency, hardwire or Ethernet controls that enable great flexibility in range design and usage.

Meggitt: a world leader in training, easily accessible to European customers

Meggitt Training Systems’ proven ability to design and manufacture virtual and live-fire range systems enables law enforcement, defense and commercial range organizations to save time and money throughout the design and build phases of any training project. Although based in the United States, Meggitt has positioned itself geographically to address Europe’s unique training requirements. The company has subsidiaries located in Ashford, Kent in the United Kingdom as well as Waardenburg in the Netherlands, a 45-minute drive from Rotterdam. Experts stand ready to ensure that customers can best take advantage of effective range design, equipment and installation.

To speak with our representatives or see demonstrations for our offerings, visit our booth 3-229 or by appointment at our IWA appointments page.

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