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The Power of Proven Training Equipment (2)

/The Power of Proven Training Equipment (2)

by Ellis Pines 3/4/17

Improving performance in live-fire training: Meggitt Training Systems presents the latest range innovations at IWA 2017

The theme of IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 is “High performance in target sports, nature activities and protecting people.” Performance in law enforcement training is especially critical. Running through March 6 at Exhibition Center Nuremberg, IWA offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest ways law enforcement officers can train more safely while improving accuracy. Here European law enforcement agencies can get a firsthand look at how new training technologies are revolutionizing ranges.

For example, Meggitt Training Systems is presenting the latest innovations in target retrieval systems, bullet traps and other key training tools. The company will be demonstrating these products at Booth 3-229. Equally important, by talking with Meggitt representatives, you can get an idea of where range technology is going.

What constitutes a state-of-the-art range?

In reviewing the products on display at IWA, it helps to have a sense of how they meet your needs. Live-fire training today has matured beyond sending rounds down a range. First and foremost, live-fire training must improve the survivability of your force. Meggitt sees the following five criteria as especially pertinent for successfully handling engagements:

  • Perceiving and responding to moving targets
  • Acquiring skills in friend/foe discrimination
  • Improving decision-making skills
  • Learning cover and concealment
  • Handling low-light situations

At IWA, you can see how Meggitt provides indoor range target shooting systems that meet these needs, while allowing you to train at any time, under any condition.

Meggitt’s Caswell Technologies: The next step in training tools

In 1926, Peter Caswell saw a lack of safety on contemporary fire ranges. In response, he launched Caswell International, which over the years invented new approaches for safety and accuracy: The world’s first target systems and bullet traps. Baffles and dividers. The introduction of electronics. Shoot-no shoot situational and friend-or-foe training. Range ventilation systems. The world’s first mobile RoadRange™. The world’s first climate controlled range. The world’s first rubber bullet trap.

By the time Meggitt acquired Caswell in 2003, the company was well-established with militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world.

XWT Gen 3: The first wireless target carrier…improved

IWA attendees can see demonstrations of the Next Generation Wireless Target System (XWT) GEN3, which meets the need for efficient, reliable and user-friendly training systems. The XWT was the industry’s first wireless, 360-degree turning target retrieval system. The XWT GEN3 is now available in both indoor and outdoor versions, and is weather-resistant for extreme environments, such as those in the Middle East. It moves along a rail system, powered by an internal direct-drive, dual-motor system, with anti-static wheels for quieter, smoother operation.

The XWT GEN3 pioneering technology provides a host of advantages:

  • No bulky, noisy drive motors above the shooter’s head
  • No track-mounted power feed rails or wires to be impacted and damaged
  • No debris in tracks to clean or interfere with target operation
  • Speed control options, making it excellent for “Advance/Retreat” training exercises
  • Easily programmable through a wireless controller, allowing uncomplicated intuitive screen operation for the most complex scenarios
  • Targets are locally controlled using the Lane Controller (LC), or from a control room area using the Primary Master Control Computer
  • A variety of maneuvers can be programmed to allow users to engage in an assortment of scenarios, helping them develop skill sets and train more effectively
  • Basic and advanced user interfaces support the operator’s preferred courses of fire, whether basic qualifications or more advanced reactive and decision-making shooting exercises

The XWT’s unique closed-track design provides smooth target transportation, without collecting lead fragments, casings or other debris. The XWT GEN3 is one of the next level of innovative range products available from Meggitt. The quiet, smooth, low-maintenance wireless carrier is easily operated and programmable, essential for successful training and usability.

Other live-fire innovations on display at IWA

Visitors to the Meggitt booth at IWA can also see demonstrations of two other advanced live-fire options:

  • The Multi-Function Stationary Infantry Target (MF-SIT) offers a fixed target head configuration that can respond to hits, automatic triggers activated by movements, or a pre-programmed scenario, ensuring that the trainees do not anticipate target actions. This provides a realistic environment for urban operations and specialized training. The system is operated through radio frequency, hardwire or Ethernet controls that enable great flexibility in range design and usage.
  • The GranTrap™ granulated rubber bullet trap utilizes soft media to stop incoming rounds and capture them predominately intact. This minimizes airborne lead dust, averts back-splatter and ricochet, and minimizes impact noise. The result is a cleaner and safer environment for shooting ranges, and maximizes bullet recovery and recycling processes.

Bringing training innovations to Europe for law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts.

In our concluding blog in this series, we will discuss in more of the training technologies that will be at IWA 2017. Demonstrations for these offerings will be available throughout the day at booth 3-229 or by appointment at our IWA appointments page.

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