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The Power of Proven Training

/The Power of Proven Training

by Michelle Henderson 6/20/17

Meggitt at IDEX: See How U. S. Training Technology Makes a Big Difference

What has made the United States the world’s dominant military power? Dr. Daniel Goure, former Department of Defense official and think-tank expert, says, “The U.S. military became dominant in the world not because it was the largest but because it was the best equipped and best trained.” He prefaces this remark by saying, “It is an axiom of defense planning that militaries fight like they train. The better trained force has an inherent advantage over its adversary. The U.S. military has proven the value of good training in every conflict over the past 25 years.”

Consequently, the U. S. Department of Defense has continued to invest in the latest simulation-training technologies. Meggitt Training Systems is pleased to make this proven innovation available at IDEX 2017, Feb. 19 to 23, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) in the United Arab Emirates. The flagship of this modernization is the FATS®100e advanced reality training simulator.

Introduced in late 2015, the FATS 100e system has created a major expansion in weapons-training capability. Consider that its 3D marksmanship provides visually realistic and highly detailed terrains and targets, including weather, and striking visual effects, including wind-blown environments, birds in flight, dirt splashes and explosions. The system also features automatic coaching, which has never before available in the small-arms training market as well as and Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3)-based collective training. This package is unique among simulation offerings anywhere.

U.S. Army technology for the Middle East: A significant upgrade to previous capabilities

As the global leader of integrated live-fire and virtual-weapons training systems, Meggitt Training Systems was cognizant in the earlier years of this decade that changing threats demanded revising the approach to training. At the time, Meggitt had been the provider of the Enhanced Skills Trainer (EST) for the U.S. Army. But the demands of the next generation, EST II, would call on a disruptive change in capabilities.

As the only program of record for the U.S. Army, the EST II now represents the world’s most innovative small-arms trainer. In assessing the Army’s needs in the light of pertinent threats, Army acquisition and Meggitt engineers concurred on the need for the following:

  • An advanced game engine 3D Marksmanship
  • Enhanced diagnostics with intelligent Automatic Coaching
  • VBS3-based Collective Training
  • A tablet interface
  • Compatibility with existing simulated weapons, enabled by the FATS 100 series open architecture

Meggitt Training Systems was originally awarded the $99 million, five-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract in 2014. Worldwide deliveries of more than 900 EST II systems started in August 2016 and will be complete by April 2018. Having passed through the rigorous requirements of the U. S. Army, the FATS®100e stands apart as proven innovation, available to armed forces.

Train like you fight: improvements for instructor and trainee

The new system, demonstrated at IDEX, provides an impressive array of functionality for both instructor and trainee, delivering solid weapon-handling and shot-placement analytics, coaching tools that automatically highlight trainee results for reinforcement or correction, and enhanced graphic capabilities for an all-encompassing immersive training platform.

For advanced defense force training, the FATS® 100e provides advanced system features, many of which are firsts in the industry:

  • You can assign up to 30 weapons to up to 15 trainees for concurrent exercises
  • Multiple weapon simulators can be assigned to each trainee
  • You can assign Meggitt’s patented wireless BlueFire® weapons to each trainee (These weapons will also be on display for demonstration at IDEX)
  • Direct and indirect weapons are available in Marksmanship and Collective modes
  • You will receive system utilization reports for data mining, including time spent in train
  • Unified User Interface (UUI) provides common look and feel across training modesing mode, weapon type, etc.
  • Tablet training material content is streamed from the system for data security
  • Photorealistic 3D terrain and 3D targets (including “paper” targets) with natural occultation and high-fidelity environmental effects
  • VBS3-based training mode allows training on three screens with panoramic view, using existing weapons and courseware

With the FATS®100e advanced reality simulation training, IDEX attendees will view the very first demonstration of these capabilities in the Middle East. The Middle East continues to be a key market for Meggitt, and the company sees IDEX as the region’s premier defense exhibition. In view of regional defense challenges, the enhanced, proven FATS 100e system and our local dedicated team comprise a strong solution for Meggitt customers.

Middle Eastern customers can also rely on the full backing, support and expertise of Meggitt Training Systems. As the world’s leading manufacturer of virtual and live-fire weapons training solutions, Meggitt Training Systems provides virtual training systems and live-fire ranges for military and security agencies worldwide. These training systems are applied to marksmanship, crew and collective missions, engagement skills, mission rehearsal, gunnery, convoy and armored vehicles, and more. Meggitt has fielded more than 5,100 small arms trainers, 40,000 laser-based weapon simulators (with more than 300 weapon variations) and 13,000 ranges, in more than 130 countries.

In our next blog, we will discuss all of the training technologies that will be at IDEX 2017. Demonstrations for all of these offerings will be available throughout the day at booth 03-A22 or by appointment at our appointments page

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