BlueFire® wireless weapon simulators

Wireless (tetherless), simulated weapons technology

Meggitt Training Systems' BlueFire® wireless weapon simulators provide the highest level of realism in simulation by maintaining form, fit and function. BlueFire weapons use commercial wireless Bluetooth® technology to communicate with the training system giving the same control as tethered weapons but with full range of motion. These patented weapon simulators can be used in conjunction with other tethered weapon simulators without modification. For enhanced, more realistic visuals, Meggitt’s tetherless BlueFire® weapon simulators now feature a 3-D Marksmanship Training environment. The after-action review (AAR) allows engagement and shot assessment in a 3-D virtual environment, while providing detailed trainee diagnostics for skill reinforcement or correction.

Weapon simulator types

Meggitt Training Systems continues to increase the line of BlueFire weapons, having added the S&W M&P in .40 and 9mm, and the Carl Gustav 84mm. Currently BlueFire versions are available for Glock 17, Glock 19, Sig P226, Sig P229, Beretta M9, Walther P99, H&K G36, M4 and SRS Rifle (M16 type) simulators. Our BlueFire® weapons are available in many configurations including Picatinny Rails, allowing for use of optics in training. Fully sensored weapons reinforce the fundamentals of marksmanship training by providing sensor feedback for butt pressure, trigger squeeze and cant. The BlueFire® M4 simulator can either be tethered for air supply or untethered for greater mobility. Both modes retain full smart-weapon capabilities and sensor feedback.

Less lethal weapon simulators

Less lethal training is offered through X26 Taser® and chemical (OC) spray wireless simulators. These training accessories are supported with specialized courseware.

Recoil and refill

Weapon recoil is achieved with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas, delivered via a proprietary fill station. This is significant in that while not tethered, BlueFire weapons retain full sensor feedback for robust diagnostics and after action review. Magazines are refilled in just a few seconds with either compressed air or nitrogen. Our filling station is designed to accept any of our BlueFire magazines and refill each one with a quick depression of the handle. Nitrogen gas for refilling can be obtained from your local gas supplier or you can use a SCUBA tank easily refilled at any SCUBA shop.