FATS® L7 compact firearms training simulator

A compact firearms simulation system to expand your commercial indoor range offerings.

An indoor shooting range is a great environment to introduce a virtual fire arms training system as it expands your customer shooting capacity and eliminates range downtime during heavy traffic periods; is a great enhancement for your firearms training classes; supports competition shoot training; and encourages new and problem shooters to practice in a safe, low-pressure environment.

The FATS® L7 virtual training simulator effectively reinforces marksmanship skills, judgmental training objectives, concealed carry, less lethal and general weapons familiarization skills. The single screen configuration includes both marksmanship training and video training modes to provide a multi-tiered program.

  • Caster mounted case for ease of movement
  • Four carrying handles for ease of lifting
  • Housed in a durable, mil-spec, portable, self-contained case
  • Self-contained use of force training system is ready for use as is, or installed as a ceiling mounted unit
  • Controlled via a wireless touch screen tablet PC
  • Portable simulator design allows for easy transport
  • User friendly graphical interface allows for intuitive operation and reduces instructor training time
  • Supports wireless BlueFire®, tethered, and Dvorak weapon inserts
  • Simplified lanes authoring courseware allows instructors to author their own marksmanship training course, while the integrated video authoring capability supports customer creation of video training scenarios and branches

Marksmanship and judgmental training

The system is capable of supporting training of multiple trainees simultaneously, using up to eight (8) system controlled weapons, during judgmental video training, thus allowing them to engage in team training. During individual marksmanship training, the system emulates a gun range design that serves as a training environment where each trainee may shoot a different exercise, and in accordance with range safety/spacing guidelines, the system can support training of up to four (4) trainees simultaneously.

Integrated scenario authoring

The flexibility, advanced features and authoring tools of the FATS® L7 training system allows customers to continuously adapt courseware to meet ever changing shooting trends. Embedded authoring tools are provided for creation of new range courses of fire. FATS® L7 training also includes a built-in Video Authoring Station that supports customer creation of new video scenarios to support personal protection, concealed carry, home invasion, active shooter, use of force or any training scenario that your customer base demands.